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1. Addressing Product Diversification in Public Housing Supply/Importance of Product Diversification in Public Housing Supply

2. Decoding Digitalization of Urban Governance in India Policy, People and Processes of the Smart Cities Mission and National Urban Digital Mission

3. Conceptualization and Operationalization of Ambiguous Loss Among Left Behind Children in Rural China

4. Public Attitudes Towards Social Spending: Evidence from Hong Kong and Singapore

5. The Politics of New Cities: Diversification of Actors and Recentralization of State Power in the Case of Diamniadio

6. Crossing the Divide: Rural to Urban Migration in Developing Countries

7. Labour Market Flows and Gender Differentials in Urban Unemployment Over the Pandemic

8. Brazilian Youth Fight to Decolonize Climate Justice

9. East Asian Cities: Past Development and Onrushing Challenges

10. Cultivating Credit: Financialized Urbanization Is Alienation!

11. Governing Cities in Africa. A Panorama of Challenges and Perspectives

12. The State Comptroller’s Report on Cities with Mixed Jewish and Arab Populations in May 2021

13. Cumulative Climate Shocks and Migratory Flows: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

14. Byzantium as Seen by the White Russians in Constantinople

15. Ancillary Units as a Tool of Sublocal Governance in the Polish Major Cities

16. Gender Sensitive Urban Policy: Balıkesir-İzmir Examples

17. Community-Based Open Data for Disasters and Emergencies

18. Land Rights For Urban Slum Dwellers: A Review of the Odisha Land Rights to Slum Dwellers Act, 2017 and the Jaga Mission

19. The Missing Link: Understanding Rental Housing for Urban Poor

20. How Does Urban Rail Development in China and India Enable Technological Upgrading?

21. Urban Resilience: A 21ˢᵗ Century Challenge

22. Allied Smart Cities

23. Neither Surveillance Nor Algorithm-driven Consumerism: Toward an Alternative European Model for Smart Cities

24. Shifting Population Trends in Chicago and the Chicago Metro Area

25. The impact of COVID-19 on urban informal workers in Maputo

26. “The Pot and the Lid” in Eastern Jerusalem

27. A boiling cauldron

28. Deadly Disparities in the time of COVID-19: How Public Policy Fails Black and Latinx Chicagoans

29. Between the Great Migration and Growing Exodus: The Future of Black Chicago?

30. The Boundaries of Jerusalem

31. Reclaiming the Right to the City

32. Introducing the Mind-the-Gap Index: A tool to understand urban spatial inequality

33. Muslims in the 18th-Century Habsburg Cities: The Social Integration of an Unincorporated Population

34. Rural-Urban Migration in South Asia: A Case Study of Pakistan

35. Media and Political Socialization in Pakistan: A Study of Rural and Urban Areas

36. Resilience and Urban Governance: Securing Cities

37. Data-driven Decision Making and Urban95: Data-driven Policy Tool

38. Tracking Reforms in Land Leasing and Change in Land Use: Insights From Gujarat and Karnataka

39. Impact of Institutions in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters

40. Access to Data on Children in Turkey: An Evaluation Based on the Urban95 Project Experience

41. Data-Driven Strategy Development for Children’s Play in the City

42. The City and the Citizen: Breaking Down Barriers to Active Citizenship

43. Collaborative Policing and Negotiating Urban Order in Abidjan

44. Questioning Participation in Ramlet Bulaq, Cairo

45. Commemorating 50 Years of 'Outcast London'

46. The Conservative Party in London

47. Urban Governance in Cameroon: Between Laissez-Faire And Faire-Laisser

48. Strengthened Civil Society and Effective Cooperation in Democratic Urban Governance

49. Swachh Bharat Mission – Urban

50. Urban Rights and Local Politics in Egypt: The Case of the Maspero Triangle