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1. Spring 2023 Snapshot on International Educational Exchange

2. Internationalising Indian Education: Work Visas for Foreign Students

3. Kadın Maden Mühendisliği Bölümü Öğrencilerinin Gözünden Maden Mühendisliği Mesleğinin Toplumsal Cinsiyet Algısına Dayalı Olarak Değerlendirilmesi

4. Budget Brief: Pradhan Mantri Poshan Shakti Nirman

5. Chavismo, Student Movements, and the Future of the Left

6. How Transnational Education Transforms Privilege

7. Inclusive Education: Overcoming Barriers for Students with Disability in ASEAN

8. Affirmative action with no major switching: Evidence from a top university in Brazil

9. Scholarly Ties, Cooperative Research, Academic Dialogue, and International Student Exchanges in US‒Taiwan Relations

10. COVID-19 in the MENA: Two Years On

11. Role of Demographic Factors in Children’s Language Acquisition at Middle Level: A South Asian Countries’ Survey Study

12. Prospects for International Students amid Rebounding Global Mobility

13. Push, Pull and Falling out: Determinant Factors of Drop-out in Technical Training Institutes in Bhutan

14. South Asian Universities: Effect of Personality Traits on Procrastination of Students at University Level

15. Palestine Comes to Paris: The Global Sixties and the Making of a Universal Cause

16. Transnational Histories of Palestinian Youth Organizing in the United States

17. International Student Mobility Flows and COVID-19 Realities

18. National interests and the impact of student mobility: the case of Canada and Brazil

19. Making the Case: Solving the Student Debt Crisis

20. Attitude of Students of Gedu College of Business Studies Towards Reading Dzongkha

21. The North Korea Nuclear Deal: Our Students Did It

22. Time-Use and Academic Peer Effects in College

23. Views of Non-Formal Education in Egypt

24. Views of Non-Formal Education in Morocco

25. Views of Non-Formal Education in Algeria

26. Students’ opinions about the subject of Security Education in upper secondary schools

27. Military education for students within the framework of the Academic Legion: A pilot project

28. Jordanian Views of Education Outside the Formal System

29. Views of Youth Non-Formal Education in the West Bank and Gaza

30. Views of Non-Formal Education among Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

31. Views of Youth Non-Formal Education in Lebanon

32. Views of Youth Non-Formal Education in Tunisia

33. Tunisia’s Economic Transition? Popular Evaluations of Social Crisis and Reform

34. Student leadership and advocacy for social cohesion

35. When the Hong Kong Dream Meets the Anti-Mainlandisation Discourse: Mainland Chinese Students in Hong Kon

36. The Temporal Experience of Chinese Students Abroad and the Present Human Condition

37. Overthrowing the First Mountain: Chinese Student-Migrants and the Geography of Power

38. “I will change things in my own small way”: Chinese Overseas Students, “Western” Values, and Institutional Reform

39. Unseeing” Chinese Students in Japan: Understanding Educationally Channelled Migrant Experiences

40. “Creating a Home away from Home”: Chinese Undergraduate Student Enclaves in US Higher Education

41. Engagement and Reflexivity: Approaches to Chinese–Japanese Political Relations by Chinese Students in Japan

42. What Drives Quality of Schools in Africa? Disentangling Social Capital and Ethnic Divisions