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1. China's Political-Economy, Foreign and Security Policy: 2023

2. The political economy of energy production in post-independence Tanzania: A review

3. Trading short-term gains for long-term costs: the Egyptian political economy under al-Sisi

4. Climate versus trade? Reconciling international subsidy rules with industrial decarbonisation

5. The Political Economy of Anti‐​bribery Enforcement

6. Japan's New Security Strategy and the Changing Geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific

7. Rethinking Monopoly as a Power Relation: The Shift from Market to Intellectual Monopoly

8. Fossil Fuel Industry Phase-Out and Just Transition: Designing Policies to Protect Workers’ Living Standards

9. The Political Economy of the Cost of Living Crisis in the UK: What Is to Be Done?

10. Sellers’ Inflation, Profits, and Conflict: Why Can Large Firms Hike Prices in an Emergency?