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981. Islam In Economic Organizations

982. Efficiency of the Welfare State

983. Negotiating Economic Transitions in Liberizing Polities

984. Spaces of Contention

985. Stabilization and Its Discontents: Argentina's Economic Restructuring in the 1990s

986. Time to Terminate the ESF and the IMF

987. America's Maligned and Misunderstood Trade Deficit

988. The Specter of Pervasiveness: Pacifica, New Media, and Freedom of Speech

989. Europarliament and Environmental Leglislation: The Case of Chemicals

990. The Costs and Benefits of Korean Unification

991. The Emerging EU Tax Policy

992. Composite Indexes of Leading, Coincident, and Lagging Indicators: September 1998

993. De Gaulle and Europe: Historical Revision and Social Science Theory

994. Political Economy in Security Studies After the Cold War

995. Privatization and Regulation: Lessons from Argentina and Chile

996. Employment and the Welfare State: A Continental Dilemma

997. Mixed Signals

998. Sankin Kotai: Institutionalized Trust as the Foundation for Economic Development in the Tokugawa Era

999. Money, Politics, and the Post-War Business Cycle

1000. Strategic Global Repositioning and Future Economic Development in Jamaica