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81. Volume 71 Issue 2

82. Beyond a Single Model: Explaining Differences in Inequality within Latin America

83. The Dominance of Terrorism: Aspects of the Socio-Political Challenges in Post-Independence West AfricA: Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Mali

84. Horrible Trade-offs in a Pandemic: Lockdowns, Transfers, Fiscal Space, and Compliance

85. COVID-19 and External Shock: Economic Impacts and Policy Options

86. Not All Firms Are Created Equal SMEs and Vocational Training in the UK, Italy, and Germany

87. Has the “External Constraint” Contributed to Italy’s Stagnation? A Critical Event Analysis

88. How ‘demos’ met ‘cracy’: debt, inequality, money

89. Pandora’s Box in Syria: Anticipating negative externalities of a re-entrenching regime

90. Widening the ‘Global Conversation’: Highlighting the Voices of IPE in the Global South

91. Life and Death During the First Six Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic

92. The Political Economy of Industrial Policy in the European Union.

93. An Obituary for Austerity Narratives? An Experimental Analysis of Public Opinion Shifts and Class Dynamics during the Covid-19 Crisis

94. The Great Separation: Top Earner Segregation at Work in High-Income Countries

95. A Surplus of Deficits

96. Dealing With Construction Permits In Cameroon: Evaluation And Recommendations For Policymakers

97. The Political Economy of Inequality in Chile and Mexico: Two Tales of Neoliberalism

98. International Financial Regulation: Why It Still Falls Short

99. Predicting United States Policy Outcomes with Random Forests

100. A General Equilibrium Analysis of the Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on Turkey’s Economy and a Policy Alternative to Protect Labor Incomes