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961. Strengthening the International Financial Architecture: Where Do We Stand?

962. Transatlantic Issues in Electronic Commerce

963. Inflation, Monetary Transparency, and G3 Exchange Rate Volatility

964. The New Asian Challenge

965. Electronic Commerce in Developing Countries: Issues for Domestic Policy and WTO Negotiations

966. International Economic Agreements and the Constitution

967. The Political Economy of Open Source Software

968. Foreign Missile Developments and the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United States Through 2015

969. Russia—Debt Rollover

970. The Macroeconomic Experience of Japan Since 1990: An Empirical Investigation

971. The Case Against Tax Cuts

972. EMU and Labour Markets: Vae Germania?

973. The Globalization of Services: What Has Happened? What Are the Implications?

974. Hazards and Precautions: Tales of International Finance

975. Does Talk Matter After All? Inflation Targeting And Central Bank Behavior

976. Modeling Korean Unification

977. Sovereign Liquidity Crisis: The Strategic Case For A Payments Standstill

978. Modell Deutschland as an Interdenominational Compromise

979. A Cross-Regional Analysis of Civil Society and Democratic Development

980. The Competitive Advantage of Hollywood Industry