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21. Processing Trade and Global Supply Chains: Towards a Resilient “GVC 2.0” Approach

22. Policy Experimentation in China: The Political Economy of Policy Learning

23. No Strings Attached: Corporate Welfare, State Intervention, and the Issue of Conditionality

24. Land Grabbing and International Political Economy: Towards a Critical Neo-Gramscian Theoretical Model of Land Governance in Latin America

25. International Political Economy and Sustainable Finance: Assessing the EU’s Green Deal and UNCTAD’s Green New Deal

26. Inequalities and Local Infrastructure: The Challenges of Post-Covid Recovery Investments

27. Putting Development at the Centre of G20 Policy Agenda: Lessons for the T20

28. A Gravity Theory of Subordinate Financialisation

29. The Rise of a Rule-Based Transgressor Elite

30. What Do We Really Know about Productivity Differentials across Countries?

31. The Environmental Consequences of Inequality

32. Who Gains from Agricultural “Reform”?: Understanding the 2020 Farm Laws and Protests

33. The Distribution of the Cost of Cuban Social Reproduction in 2016: The Relative Contributions of Domestic and Diasporic Households, the Private Sector, and the State

34. Past Economic Decline Predicts Opioid Prescription Rates

35. Inconsistent Definitions of GDP: Implications for Estimates of Decoupling

36. Time Use Data in Feminist Political Economy Analyses: Gender and Class in the Indian Time Use Survey

37. Diversifying Supply Chains: The Role of Development Assistance and Other Official Finance

38. Trust as state capacity: The political economy of compliance

39. US Power and the Multinational Tech Companies of the Digital Era: An Analysis of the Obama and Trump Governments Oligopolization

40. The Political Economy of the Landscape of Trade Unions in Bangladesh: The Case of the RMG Sector