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1. Economic Security in Emerging Markets: A Look at India, Vietnam, and Indonesia

2. FDI Spillover Effects on Innovation Activities of Knowledge-using and Knowledge-creating Firms: Evidence from an Emerging Economy

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9. Employment effects of R&D and innovation: Evidence from small and medium-sized firms in emerging markets

10. Asia Beyond China: Developing a European Indo-Pacific Strategy for a Changing Global Order

11. Three Ways to Explore the BRICS (Possible) Impact on the Future Global Order

12. Sovereign debt restructuring: The centrality of the IMF's role

13. A possible IMF Pandemic Support Facility for emerging-market countries

14. Sovereign debt relief in the global pandemic: Lessons from the 1980s

15. Explaining Turkey’s Current Economic Crisis

16. Making Basel III Work for Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

17. How ETFs Amplify the Global Financial Cycle in Emerging Markets

18. Indonesian Political Economy: A Historical Analysis

19. China's Engagement in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Xinjiang: Will China's Root Cause Model provide regional stability and security?

20. India's Energy Needs And The Arab/Persian Gulf