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1. Economic Security in Emerging Markets: A Look at India, Vietnam, and Indonesia

2. FDI Spillover Effects on Innovation Activities of Knowledge-using and Knowledge-creating Firms: Evidence from an Emerging Economy

3. Projecting Infrastructure Needs and the Financing Mechanism: A Review of Estimations by ADB, McKinsey, and the OECD

4. The unappreciated trend toward unilateral trade liberalization

5. Does the new fiscal consensus in advanced economies travel to emerging markets?

6. Improving China's participation in resolving developing-country debt problems

7. Establishing the empirical basis for tracing the development outcomes of agricultural investments

8. An Uneven Global Rebound Will Challenge Emerging-Market and Developing Economies

9. Employment effects of R&D and innovation: Evidence from small and medium-sized firms in emerging markets

10. Asia Beyond China: Developing a European Indo-Pacific Strategy for a Changing Global Order

11. Three Ways to Explore the BRICS (Possible) Impact on the Future Global Order

12. Sovereign debt restructuring: The centrality of the IMF's role

13. A possible IMF Pandemic Support Facility for emerging-market countries

14. Sovereign debt relief in the global pandemic: Lessons from the 1980s

15. Explaining Turkey’s Current Economic Crisis

16. Making Basel III Work for Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

17. How ETFs Amplify the Global Financial Cycle in Emerging Markets

18. Indonesian Political Economy: A Historical Analysis

19. China's Engagement in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Xinjiang: Will China's Root Cause Model provide regional stability and security?

20. India's Energy Needs And The Arab/Persian Gulf

21. Impact Investing: Who are we serving? A Case of Mismatch between Supply and Demand

22. Bond Yield Spillovers from Major Advanced Economies to Emerging Asia

23. Jurisdiction on the Internet: From Legal Arms Race to Transnational Cooperation

24. Is Indonesia the Next China?

25. TPP, IPR Protection, and Their Implications for Emerging Asian Economies

26. Capital Flows and Capital Account Management in Selected Asian Economies

27. Growth in an uncertain global environment: The outlook for Latin America

28. After the freefall, what to expect from commodity prices

29. Aid procurement and the development of local industry: A question for Africa

30. A Post-Sanctions Iran and the Eurasian Energy Architecture

31. World on the Move: The Changing Global Income Distribution and Its Implications for Consumption Patterns and Public Policies

32. Can Foreign Exchange Intervention Stem Exchange Rate Pressures from Global Capital Flow Shocks?

33. Are Capital Inflows Expansionary or Contractionary? Theory, Policy Implications, and Some Evidence

34. The Future of Worldwide Income Distribution

35. The Financial Sector and Growth in Emerging Asian Economies

36. Corporate Debt in Emerging Economies: A Threat to Financial Stability?

37. Next Steps for the G20: Turkey 2015

38. International Regulatory Cooperation on the Resolution of Financial Institutions: Where Does India Stand?

39. International Financial Spillovers to Emerging Market Economies: How Important Are Economic Fundamentals?

40. Why Brazil has not criticised Russia over Crimea

41. Examining China's Assertiveness through the Eyes of Chinese IR Scholars

42. The Best of Rules and Discretion: A Case for Nominal GDP Targeting in India

43. Balancing Without Containment: An American Strategy for Managing China

44. Sergio Cabral Filho, former Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

45. A New Type of Great Power Relationship between the United States and China: The Military Dimension

46. China's Global Agricultural Strategy: An Open System to Safeguard the Country's Food Security

47. Mexico's Energy Reform: Mexico "Ready to Launch"

48. Impact Inventing: Strengthening the Ecosystem for Invention-Based Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

49. Understanding Mandis: Market Towns and the Dynamics of India's Rural and Urban Transformations

50. Understanding Differences in Growth Performance in Latin America and Developing Countries between the Asian and Global Financial Crises

51. Quenching India's thirst for energy

52. Addressing Currency Manipulation Through Trade Agreements

53. Double Profit: Financing Consumers

54. Boxing with Elephants: Can Canada Punch above Its Weight in Global Financial Governance?

55. The Defense Acquisition Trilemma: The Case of Brazil

56. America's Asia Pivot - A Return to Realism?

57. U.S. Unconventional Monetary Policy and Transmission to Emerging Market Economies

58. Estimating U.S. Cross-Border Securities Positions: New Data and New Methods

59. Russia assumes and exploits the chairmanship of the G20

60. The BRICS and international peacebuilding and statebuilding

61. China's impact on conflict and fragility in South Asia

62. Outward FDI from Israel's Largest MNEs Continues to Rise in 2011

63. Achieving Development Success: Strategies and Lessons from the Developing World

64. Japan's Global Health Policy

65. The Changing Landscape of Global Health Diplomacy

66. 2013 Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances With a Special Report on Emerging Economies

67. Capital Flows to Emerging Markets: An alternative Theoretical Framework

68. Cost allocation in investment arbitration: Back toward diversification

69. The EU and Brazil: Partnering in an uncertain world?


71. How much did China's WTO accession increase economic growth in resource-rich countries?

72. Global commons: between cooperation and competition

73. Sailing Against the Current – China-U.S. Relations in the Next Stage

74. China: Superpower or Superbust?

75. The Role of Europe in Enhancing Cooperative Security in Asia and the Pacific: A View from Japan

76. Hooray for Global Justice? Emerging Democracies in a Multipolar World

77. Brazil in the South Atlantic: growing protagonism and unintended consequences

78. The West must allow a power shift in international organizations

79. Development

80. Combating Global Poverty: Investing in the Governance and Growth Nexus

81. US Employment Deindustrialization: Insights from History and the International Experience

82. Lessons from South Africa's BITs review

83. Achieving sustainable development objectives in international investment: Could future IIAs impose sustainable development-related obligations on investors?

84. Three challenges for China's outward FDI policy

85. The Hyperglobalization of Trade and Its Future

86. Why Growth in Emerging Economies Is Likely to Fall

87. A Theory of Rollover Risk, Sudden Stops, and Foreign Reserves

88. Capital Flows to Emerging Market Economies: A Brave New World?

89. Global Financial Conditions, Country Spreads and Macroeconomic Fluctuations in Emerging Countries

90. Nation states and nationality of MNEs

91. FDI stocks are a biased measure of MNE affiliate activity: A response

92. Freeing the Global Market: How to Boost the Economy by Curbing Regulatory Distortions

93. Is China's outward investment in oil a global security concern?

94. State-controlled entities as "investors" under international investment agreements

95. Absent from the discussion: The other half of investment promotion

96. Starting anew in international investment law

97. Law at two speeds: Legal frameworks regulating foreign investment in the global South

98. Roll out the red carpet and they will come: Investment promotion and FDI inflows

99. What Friends Are Made Of: Bilateral Linkages and Domestic Drivers of Foreign Policy Alignment with China

100. The Politics of Contestation in Asia: How Japan and Pakistan Deal with their Rising Neighbors