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6401. The International Investment Position of the United States in 1997

6402. The Domestic Orientation of Production and Sales by U.S. Manufacturing Affiliates of Foreign Companies

6403. Theoretical Explanations of Trade Competitiveness and a North American Application

6404. The Role of the Private Sector in the Evolution of US Technology Policy

6405. Banking Sector Development in Kazakhstan

6406. Strategic Images: Perceptions of Russia in the USA and of America in Russia

6407. EWI Baltic Initiative Fund

6408. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 5: September 9, 1998

6409. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 4: August 31, 1998

6410. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 3: August 27, 1998

6411. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 2: August 25, 1998

6412. Russian Financial Crisis Assessment 1: August 20, 1998

6413. Subregional Relations in the Southern Tier: Prospects for Development

6414. Deposit Insurance Funds: An Instrument of Banking Stability and Issues of Authority, Information and Effectiveness

6415. Globalisation: Challenges and Opportunities

6416. Science, Technology, and the Law

6417. Science and Technology for African Development: Partnerships in a Global Economy

6418. Women Coping with Crisis: Social Consequences of Export-Led Industrialization in the Dominican Republic

6419. Global Economics and Local Politics in Trinidad's Divestment Program

6420. Democracy and Reform in Cardoso's Brazil: Caught Between Clientelism and Global Markets?

6421. Stabilization and Its Discontents: Argentina's Economic Restructuring in the 1990s

6422. Maintaining prosperity in an ageing society

6423. The 1998 Per Jacobsson Lecture: Managing the International Economy in an Age of Globalisation

6424. After the Crisis: The Social Contract and the Middle Class in East Asia

6425. The Case for a Russian Currency Board System

6426. Time to Terminate the ESF and the IMF

6427. Perspectives From Four Continents: Solving the Global Public Pensions Crisis

6428. America's Maligned and Misunderstood Trade Deficit

6429. Information Technology and Economic Development: An Introduction to the Research Issues

6430. Computers and Labour Markets: International Evidence

6431. Underdevelopment, Transition and Reconstruction in Sub-Saharan Africa

6432. Resource Abundance and Economic Development: Improving the Performance of Resource-Rich Countries

6433. The Role of Knowledge and Capital in Economic Growth

6434. Assessing South Africa's Growth Strategy

6435. Composite Indexes of Leading, Coincident, and Lagging Indicators: December 1998

6436. Composite Indexes of Leading, Coincident, and Lagging Indicators: November 1998

6437. Composite Indexes of Leading, Coincident, and Lagging Indicators: October 1998

6438. Composite Indexes of Leading, Coincident, and Lagging Indicators: September 1998

6439. Composite Indexes of Leading, Coincident, and Lagging Indicators: August 1998

6440. Composite Indexes of Leading, Coincident, and Lagging Indicators: June 1998

6441. The Yen, the Yuan, and the Asian Currency Crisis Changing Fortune between Japan and China

6442. The Korean Currency Crisis: What Can We Learn From It?

6443. Benefits and Burdens: The Politically Dominated Economics of U.S. Alliances with Japan and Korea

6444. The Costs and Benefits of Korean Unification

6445. Energy and Security in East Asia

6446. Intermediate Sovereignty As A Basis For Resolving The Kosovo Crisis

6447. Inventory of a Windfall: Milosevic's Gains from the Kosovo Dialogue

6448. Again, the Visible Hand: Slobodan Milosevic's Manipulation of the Kosovo Dispute

6449. Third Party Arms Transfers: Requirements for the 21st Century

6450. Trade Patterns, FDI, and Industrial Restructuring of Central and Eastern Europe

6451. De Gaulle and Europe: Historical Revision and Social Science Theory

6452. Collective Management of International Financial Crises

6453. International Financial Markets as Sources of Crises or Discipline

6454. Open Regionalism: Lessons from Latin America for East Asia

6455. APEC beyond Economics: The Politics of APEC

6456. 100 Companies Receiving The Largest Dollar Volume Of Prime Contract Awards—Fiscal Year 1996

6459. Foreign Direct Investment in the United States: Establishment Data for 1992

6460. U.S. Multinational Companies: Operations in 1995

6461. The International Investment Position of the United States in 1996

6462. Human Development: The World After Copehagen

6463. Coping with US - Mexican Interdependence: The NAFTA Response

6464. The Politics of NAFTA: Presidential use of Side Payments

6465. Interest Groups in American Politics: Conceptual Elements and Key Literature

6466. Environmentalism, Free Trade and Regionalism in Theoretical Perspective: An Unholy Developmental Trinity?

6467. Assessing the Rules - Power Debate in Farm Trade: A Case Study of the Canadian-U.S. Free Trade Agreement

6468. Private Equity Investment in Hungary: the Competitive Edge as a Force for Innovation

6469. Saudi Arabia in the 1990s: Stability and Foreign Policy

6470. The Dark Side of Social Capital

6471. Health Challenges for the 21st Century

6472. As Mexico Imploded: Action and Inaction in the United States

6473. Trading Places: The Caribbean Faces Europe and the Americas in the Twenty-first Century

6474. Possibilities and Realities of Cuba's Integration into the Caribbean: Perceptions of Cuban Entrepreneurs

6475. Trade Policy Options for Chile: A Quantitative Evaluation

6476. Privatization and Regulation: Lessons from Argentina and Chile

6477. Private Investment as a Financing Source for Microcredit

6478. Time to Reinvent APEC

6479. Cato Institute's 15th Annual Monetary Conference

6480. Mixed Signals

6481. Balancing Positive and Negative Integration: The Regulatory Options for Europe

6482. Sankin Kotai: Institutionalized Trust as the Foundation for Economic Development in the Tokugawa Era

6483. Latin America and the Second Clinton Administration

6484. Brazil: The Twisted Path to Reform

6485. Argentina: Another Round at the Polls

6486. Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Brazil?

6487. Theoretical Confidence Level Problems with Confidence Intervals for the Spectrum of a Time Series

6488. Money, Politics, and the Post-War Business Cycle

6489. The Accumulation of Human Capital: Alternative Methods and Why They Matter

6490. Hazards in Implementing a Monetary Conditions Index

6491. Regime Switching in the Dynamic Relationship between the Federal Funds Rate and Innovations in Nonborrowed Reserves

6492. Broad Money Demand and Financial Liberalization in Greece

6493. Participatión Ciudadana y Retos Ambientalistas Frente a los Riesgos de la Globalización y del TLCAN

6494. Intellectual Property, Trade, and Economic Development: A Road Map for the FTAA Negotiations

6495. Strategic Global Repositioning and Future Economic Development in Jamaica

6496. Legitimate Rule in the European Union

6497. The Revival of the Nation-State?

6498. Nigeria: Country Profile

6499. The Syndrome of the Ever-Higher Yen, 1971-95: American Mercantile Pressure on Japanese Monetary Policy

6500. A United States Policy for the Changing Realities of East Asia