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201. Inequality and the Decline of Small Business

202. Algeria’s social support policy: Economic costs and the need for reform

203. Origins and prospects of climate change activism in the Arab region: Rethinking the development and market economy model

204. Pak-China Geostrategic Interdependence: Impact on Rising Economies of Asia

205. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: News Framing in Political, Strategic, and Economic Perspectives in Print Media of Pakistan

206. Analysis of Cameroon – Nigeria Trade and Prospects for the African Continental Free Trade Area

207. Trade Liberalization and Economic Development: Lessons for Africa

208. Pakistan's Political Crisis

209. MEI-NAPI Roundtable on the Environment in Tunisia: A Youth Perspective On Challenges & Opportunities

210. Tunisia's Economy

211. Expert Voices: Wayne Ackerman

212. Sustainable Financing in MENA

213. An Impact Analysis of California’s State-County Assessors’ Partnership Agreement Program

214. Colorado’s Political Climate, Economy, and Budget during COVID-19

215. Time for a Significant Reimagining of Government in Wyoming?

216. International Currency Instability and Food Security: Time to Rebuild “Real Food Economies”?

217. Is Doughnut Economics a Means Towards Achieving Planetary Health?

218. The Effects of Online Export Promotion Policies for SMEs in Korea

219. The Emergence of African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement and Lessons from the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement

220. Understanding Hainan Free Trade Port: China's Efforts to Explore High-level Opening-up

221. Digital Divide in Latin America and Opportunities for South Korea-Spain Cooperation

222. The Export Effect of Servitization of Manufacturing

223. Korea's Economic Presence in Iran under Trump and Its Prospects during the Biden Presidency

224. Recent Marriage and Labor Supply Pattern of Young Chinese Women

225. Exchange Rate Predictability Based on Market Sentiments

226. Development of the IT Industry and Structural Transformation: Focused on IT Cooperation with Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

227. Korea’s Regional Cooperation and ODA Policy in Asia: Performance and Challenges

228. What Ukraine Taught NATO about Hybrid Warfare

229. Engines of Prosperity: The Promise of the Zones for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDEs) in Honduras Image

230. How Innovative Financing Models Can Support the Scaling of Supply Chain Innovations

231. A Model Comprehensive MSME Policy for Indian States

232. A Future Built on Data: Data Strategies, Competitive Advantage and Trust

233. Merger Policy for a Dynamic and Digital Canadian Economy

234. A Digital Loonie among Many Digital Currencies: Prospects and Outlook

235. Lending to Defaulters: The IMF Updates Its Lending into Arrears Policy

236. Russian economic nationalism and the vectors of Russian foreign policy

237. The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Economic Consequences on Europe and the World

238. Istanbul Journal of Economics: Volume 72 Issue 1

239. Istanbul Journal of Economics: Volume 72 Issue 2

240. How to save the WTO with more flexible trading rules

241. EU carbon border adjustment mechanism faces many challenges

242. CHIPS Act will spur US production but not foreclose China

243. Soaring demand is driving double-digit import price inflation in the United States

244. Is South Korea vulnerable to EU and US carbon border restrictions?

245. The online gig economy’s impact is not as big as many thought

246. South Korea should prepare for its exposure to US-China technology tensions

247. China's CPTPP bid spurs South Korea to act on Asia-Pacific trade pacts

248. Public responses to foreign protectionism: Evidence from the US-China trade war

249. 25 years of excess unemployment in advanced economies: Lessons for monetary policy

250. How carbon tariffs and climate clubs can slow global warming

251. A reform strategy to transform energy: From piecemeal to systemwide change

252. Green energy depends on critical minerals. Who controls the supply chains?

253. Why gender disparities persist in South Korea’s labor market

254. “That’s a bridge too far!” The imperative for a feminist lens on infrastructure investment.

255. Unravelling Africa’s raw material footprints and their drivers

256. Gender preference at birth: A new measure for son preference based on stated preferences and observed measures of parents’ fertility decisions

257. Determinants of corporate cash holdings in South Africa

258. Illicit financial flows and country-by-country reporting in extractive industries

259. Will economic statecraft threaten western currency dominance? Sanctions, geopolitics, and the global monetary order

260. A Palestinian Outlet to the World, A Path toward Peace? Considerations and Options for a Gaza Seaport

261. Building a Seaport in Gaza: Prospects, Challenges, and Opportunities

262. Maritime Security in the Indo-Pacific Region" A View from the Geostrategic Position of the Malacca Strait

263. The Business Case for the Sustainable Development Goals: An Empirical Analysis of 21 Danish Companies' Engagement with the SDGs

264. Egypt Faces Severe Economic Problems

265. Legal Report – A Highlight on Political, Economic, and Social Rights in Palestine

266. “Re-imagining the Reality of Entrepreneurship in the Lens of Palestinian Youth”

267. The Assault of Austerity: How prevailing economic policy choices are a form of gender-based violence

268. ‘Impactful projection’: long-range strike options for Australia

269. Comparative State Economic Interventions in the Carbon Capture and Storage Market

270. The Price Cap on Russian Oil Exports, Explained

271. Enclosing the English Commons: Property, Productivity and the Making of Modern Capitalism

272. The 2023 Turkish elections: An unmarked road

273. Germany’s Economic Security and Technology: Optimizing Export Control, Investment Screening and Market Access Instruments

274. A German Digital Grand Strategy: Integrating Digital Technology, Economic Competitiveness, and National Security in Times of Geopolitical Change

275. Don’t Get Caught in the Middle: A Geo-Economic Strategy for Germany to Survive US-Chinese Rivalry

276. The Indian Farmer Makes Her Voice Heard

277. Taiwan Matters for America/America Matters for Taiwan

278. New Opportunities for the United States-Kingdom of Thailand Alliance in the Indo-Pacific

279. Different Choices, Divergent Paths: Poland and Ukraine

280. Energy and Geo-Economics: Evidence Underpinning Russian Intervention in Syria

281. Dealing with Coronavirus Pandemic in the Bay of Bengal Region

282. The Importance of Financial Education for the Bank CLient's Protection in Kosovo

283. Challenges and Difficulties for Micro-Business in Adapting IFRS for SMES Requirements: Kosovo Evidence

284. China's Belt and Road Initiative and Georgia: A Short Overview

285. Independent Assessment of the Implementation of the 2020 State Budget of Azerbaijan

286. Economic Assessment of the Euro Area: Winter 2020/2021

287. World economy in spring 2021: Recovery stays on track

288. Trade and the Spatial Distribution of Transport Infrastructure

289. The Role of Global Climate Change in Structural Transformation of Sub-Saharan Africa

290. German Economy Summer 2021

291. Ahead of Biden-Moon Summit, South Koreans and Americans Align on China and North Korea

292. Capitalism Recoupled

293. Decoupling Europe

294. Cordon of Conformity: Why DSGE models Are Not the Future of Macroeconomics

295. Country Risk

296. The Updated Okun Method for Estimation of Potential Output with Broad Measures of Labor Underutilization: An Empirical Analysis

297. Bagehot for Central Bankers

298. Automotive Global Value Chains in Europe

299. How Milton Friedman Exploited White Supremacy to Privatize Education

300. Why do Sovereign Borrowers Post Collateral? Evidence from the 19th Century