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1. The state of economic convergence in the Eurozone: Two decades of monetary union and economic governance

2. Istanbul Journal of Economics: Volume 72 Issue 2

3. Making Sense of Pakistani Youth How Youth in Pakistan View State, Society, Religion, and Politics

4. Inflation Targeting in Open Economies: The Contradictions of Determinacy and Stability

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10. China’s Influence in Southeastern, Central, and Eastern Europe: Vulnerabilities and Resilience in Four Countries

11. After the Fall: Lebanon’s Path towards Monetary Stabilization

12. Why a Traditional Austerity Plan Would Exacerbate Lebanon’s Woes

13. A Review of Pillar I & II of Zambia’s Economic Stabilisation and Growth Programme 2017-2019

14. Explaining Bank Stability Using Bank Specific Factors in Zimbabwe

15. Afghanistan Stabilization Program: A Summary of Research and Key Outcome Trends

16. Good and Bad Banking on Europe’s Periphery: Pathways to Catching Up and Falling Behind

17. The Personal Wealth Interests of Politicians and the Stabilization of Financial Markets

18. Kosovo Security Barometer - Fourth Edition

19. Crisis and Calm: Demand for U.S. Currency at Home and Abroad From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to 2011

20. Iran in the 10th Year of the 2nd Gulf War

21. Economic Policy Coordination in the EMU: From Maastricht via SGP to the Fiscal Pact

22. Azerbaijan’s Fiscal Policy after the Oil Boom

23. The Dollar’s Influence in East Asia: Benevolent or Overbearing? A Comparative Answer in the U.S. Economic Aid and the Dollar Standard

24. Counter-Cyclical Economic Policy

25. After the Orange Era: Economic Prospects in Ukraine