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1. The state of economic convergence in the Eurozone: Two decades of monetary union and economic governance

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12. Why a Traditional Austerity Plan Would Exacerbate Lebanon’s Woes

13. A Review of Pillar I & II of Zambia’s Economic Stabilisation and Growth Programme 2017-2019

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15. Good and Bad Banking on Europe’s Periphery: Pathways to Catching Up and Falling Behind

16. Afghanistan Stabilization Program: A Summary of Research and Key Outcome Trends

17. The Personal Wealth Interests of Politicians and the Stabilization of Financial Markets

18. Kosovo Security Barometer - Fourth Edition

19. Iran in the 10th Year of the 2nd Gulf War

20. Crisis and Calm: Demand for U.S. Currency at Home and Abroad From the Fall of the Berlin Wall to 2011

21. Economic Policy Coordination in the EMU: From Maastricht via SGP to the Fiscal Pact

22. Azerbaijan’s Fiscal Policy after the Oil Boom

23. The Dollar’s Influence in East Asia: Benevolent or Overbearing? A Comparative Answer in the U.S. Economic Aid and the Dollar Standard

24. Counter-Cyclical Economic Policy

25. After the Orange Era: Economic Prospects in Ukraine