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1. Environmental Protection and Climate Change Budgets of Metropolitan Municipalities

2. Small-scale LNG in the Euro-Mediterranean: A Contribution to the Decarbonisation of the Maritime Sector

3. India's G20 Presidency: Opportunity to Resume Engagement in the Arctic

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5. Japan’s Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth Strategy

6. ASEAN's medium- to long-term trade strategies and the direction of RoK-ASEAN cooperation

7. Implications of Climate Change Impacts on Food Security Threats in Africa and the Middle East

8. Analysis of India's New and Renewable Energy Market and Policies and Implications for Korea-India Cooperation

9. China/United States: Europe off Balance

10. Amazonia on the Brink

11. Environmental Activism in Russia

12. Green peace: How Europe’s climate policy can survive the war in Ukraine

13. Early warning: How Iraq can adapt to climate change

14. Against the flow: Europe’s role in kickstarting Algeria’s green transition

15. A new climate for peace: How Europe can promote environmental cooperation between the Gulf Arab states and Iran

16. We’ll always have Paris: How to adapt multilateral climate cooperation to new realities

17. EU – Pacific Talks: H2 – Hydrogen Hype

18. Developing Nuclear Energy in Estonia: An Amplifier of Strategic Partnership with the United States?

19. Security Challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean

20. The Social Side of Climate Change Adaptation: Reducing Conflict Risk

21. Gender Dimensions of Climate Insecurity

22. Climate Change and Violent Conflict in West Africa: Assessing the Evidence

23. Monetary Policy for the Climate? A Money View Perspective on Green Central Banking

24. Navigating the Crises in European Energy

25. Separating electricity from gas prices through Green Power Pools: Design options and evolution

26. Implications of a Melting Arctic

27. The EU Green Deal. A new momentum for democratic governance in the MENA region?

28. Could the EU’s New Agenda for the Mediterranean Turn Climate Change from a “Threat Multiplier” into an “Opportunities Multiplier”?

29. Preventing the Critical Minerals Crisis

30. Transparency in multilateral climate governance: Ranking countries by the Climate Transparency Adherence Index

31. Re-securitizing climate: From ‘climate security’ to ‘ecology of peace’?

32. EU-Africa relations ahead of the EU-AU Summit: Taking stock, looking forward

33. Achieving the full potential of sustainable finance: The role of national, European and international initiatives

34. Climate Finance Effectiveness: Six Challenging Trends

35. Building a Portfolio of Pull Financing Mechanisms for Climate and Development

36. The IMF, Africa, and Climate Change—Making Sense of an Implausible Trilogy

37. Let Them Eat Carbon

38. Greening the US Sovereign Bond Guarantee Program: A Proposal to Boost Climate-Directed Sovereign Finance in Developing Countries

39. Building a Quad-South Korea Partnership for Climate Action

40. Hydrogen and Its Role in Post-Pandemic Recovery. Case Study of Portugal

41. What Next for Climate and Security at the UN Security Council: Ireland's View

42. Behavior Change in the Face of Disaster Risk Finance

43. Analysis of the Short-Term and Long-Term Impacts of the Coronavirus Crisis on International Climate Policyt

44. Origins and prospects of climate change activism in the Arab region: Rethinking the development and market economy model

45. Who Benefits from Tunisia's Green Hydrogen Strategy?

46. Legal Aspect of The Concept of Climate Refugee: Evaluation of Existent Protection Tools and Suggested Solutions

47. Green Systems and Resilient Cities

48. Why Should Turkey Comply With The Global Climate Regime?

49. A Greener Pathway Ahead: Harnessing the Power of Collaboration and Conflict to Tackle Climate Change in Pakistan and India

50. ‘Climate Change and Political Letdown: Understanding Environmental Degradation through the Prisoner’s Dilemma.’