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1. Actor-networking the 'failed state' - an enquiry into the life of concepts

2. Theorising the use of private military and security companies: a synthetic perspective

3. Constituting China: the role of metaphor in the discourses of early Sino-American relations

4. The importance of the Eurasian steppe to the study of international relations

5. International relations in the making of political Islam: interrogating Khomeini's 'Islamic government'

6. One state-one nation: the naturalisation of nation-state congruency in IR theory

7. Imagining ourselves then and now: nostalgia and Canadian multiculturalism

8. Introduction to the sociology/ies of international relations

9. From epistemology to practice: a sociology of science for international relations

10. Everyday practices of international relations: people in organizations

11. Accounting for the politics of language in the sociology of IR

12. Beyond geography and social structure: disciplinary sociologies of power in international relations

13. A global journal with Central European roots: a vision for the JIRD

14. The roles states play: a Meadian interactionist approach

15. The social construction of terrorism: media, metaphors and policy implications

16. The liberal renaissance and the end(s) of history

17. Hierarchy in World Politics

18. The state as citizen: state personhood and ideology

19. Civilianising warfare: ways of war and peace in modern counterinsurgency

20. 'What's "critical" about critical theory': capturing the social totality (das Gesellschaftliche Ganze)

22. Whither Deleuze and Guattari: a critical introduction

23. Ambiguous universalism: theorising race/nation/class in international relations

24. Imposing coherence: the central role of practice in Friedrich Kratochwil's theorising of politics, international relations and science

25. Editorial