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31. Diplomacy, Regime Change Agenda and the Survival of Zimbabwe in the New Millennium

32. The Impact of Changing Islamic Identity in Turkey's New Foreign Policy

33. The Counter-Revolution in Diplomacy and Other Essays (G. R. Berridge)

34. The European Union: A Schumpeterian Model of Democracy?

35. Compromize and Controversy Over Global Intercountry Adoption: A Comparative Analysis of Adoption in Haiti, Chad, Southeast Asian Countries, and Cambodia

36. Regional Innovation Policy: An Analysis of Turkey's Aegean, Marmara, East Anatolia and Southeast Anatolia Regions

37. Turkish Political Culture and Civil Society: An Unsettling Coupling?

38. Transitioning Afghanistan in the Post-Withdrawal Era: Setting the stage for a stable political order

39. Passive Globalization and the Failure of the European Union's Lisbon Strategy, 2000-2010: Some New Cross-National Evidence

40. The European Union Foreign and Security Actions and the Western Balkans