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1. EU Governance: Struggle Between Cooperation and Competition

2. Looking Within and Without: The Path to Tread by Muslims

3. Sustainable Democracy and the Paradox of the Arab Spring: The Egypt Experience

4. Rethinking the Conflict- Proneness of Oil-Rentiers State in Historical Context

5. Religion as a Factor in Israeli-Turkish Relations: A Constructivist Overlook

6. An Empirical Look to the Arab Spring: Causes and Consequences

7. Turkeys Development Assistance to Fragile States: From Sporadic Actions to System Building Practices

8. Guest Editor's Note: The End of the Arab Spring?

9. Arab Spring in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya: A Comparative Analysis of Causes and Determinants

10. From the Collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe to the Arab Spring: Lessons for Democratic Transition

11. When Life Imitates Art: The Arab Spring, the Middle East, and the Modern World

12. 'Blown Away by the Winds Like Ashes:' Biopower in Egypt's #25 Jan and Iraq's 14 Tammuz

13. Debating the Merits of the "Turkish Model" for Democratization in the Middle East

14. Turkish Foreign Policy toward the Iranian Nuclear Programme: In Search of a New Middle East Order after the Arab Spring and the Syrian Civil War

15. The 'Arab Spring' and South China Sea Tensions: Analyzing China's Drive to Energy Security

16. Book Review: Iranian and Turkish rapprochement: Damaged by the Arab Spring?

17. Book Review: Change and Opportunities in the Emerging Mediterranean.

18. Historical Construction and Development of Bosniak Nation

19. Could Turkey Be a Dominant Regional Power?: The Rise of Turkey as a Country of Middle-East and Europe

20. Turkish-Armenian Relations and the Issue of the Recognition of the claims of the Armenian genocide