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10321. Negotiating With North Korea

10322. Understanding China's AI Strategy

10323. A Realistic Path for Progress on Iran

10324. Financial Networks of Mass Destruction

10325. Rethinking Requirements and Risk in the New Space Age

10326. Mainstreaming Natural Capital Valuation

10327. Preparing for Climate Intervention Decision Making in the Global South: A Role for Canada and India

10328. Making Terrestrial Geoengineering Technologies Viable: An Opportunity for India-Canada Climate Leadership

10329. Partnering for Prosperity: India-Canada Collaboration to Curb Digital Black Markets

10330. Opportunities for Cooperative Cyber Security

10331. UNCLOS 1982, The Mediterranean area and EU’s Southern Rim

10332. Daesh: The archetype of hybrid terrorist organizations

10333. Working Paper: The Multi-Domain Battle as an emerging Operational philosophy in the 21st century. A review of the role of Commander. The Cross-Domain standpoint

10334. Working Paper: The ‘Two and a half wars’ theory and the Mavi Vatan naval exercise: Strategic Culture and the new phase of Turkish strategy

10335. Working Paper on the Chinese Investments in Gwadar and Piraeus

10336. Working paper on the impact of the monetary policy of the ECB on credit provision of European economies through the mortgage credit channel

10337. Frontex & NATO: A New Partnership in the Making

10338. Working Paper on Information Centric War and Cyber-security

10339. ELIAMEP’s policy paper on military service and defence

10340. Road warriors: Foreign fighters in the armies of jihad