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9781. Rethinking Humanitarian Reform: What Will it Take to Truly Change the System?

9782. The Commitment to Development Index 2021

9783. Operationalizing Climate Adaptation at the US International Development Finance Corporation: The Case for an Agriculture-Led Agenda in Low-Income Countries

9784. How Effectively Is the Asian Development Bank Responding to COVID-19? An Early Assessment

9785. The Case for Transparency in Power Project Contracts: A Proposal for the Creation of Global Disclosure Standards and PPA Watch

9786. A Review of Multilateral Development Banks’ Investments in Childcare

9787. Enabling US Government Participation in Pull Mechanisms for Social Impact Innovation: A Survey of Federal Authorities, Budgetary Barriers, and Potential Solutions

9788. Do Evolving Digital Trade Rules Create an Uneven Playing Field? Understanding Global Perspectives

9789. Are Current Models of Data Protection Fit for Purpose? Understanding the Consequences for Economic Development

9790. Binding Constraints on Digital Financial Inclusion in Indonesia: An Analysis Using the Decision Tree Approach

9791. Exploring How the US International Development Finance Corporation Can Support Health Sector Investments: Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

9792. Why Europe Should Build Legal Migration Pathways with Nigeria

9793. Expanding Legal Migration Pathways from Nigeria to Europe: From Brain Drain to Brain Gain

9794. Identifying Binding Constraints on Digital Payment Services in Ethiopia: An Application of a Decision Tree Framework

9795. Financing the Humanitarian Public Good: Towards a More Effective Humanitarian Financing Model

9796. A Decision Tree for Digital Payment Services: The Case of Mexico

9797. Searching for the Binding Constraint to Digital Financial Inclusion in Pakistan: A Decision Tree Approach

9798. Improving Performance in the Multilateral Humanitarian System: New Models of Donorship

9799. A Path to Resiliency: Mitigating the Impacts of COVID-19 on Essential Medicines Supply Chains

9800. Ethical Recruitment of Health Workers: Using Bilateral Cooperation to Fulfill the World Health Organization’s Global Code of Practice