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12901. Freedom of Expression in Times of COVID-19: Chilling Effect in Hungary and Serbia Article Sidebar

12902. The Gender-Based Violence as an Instrument of Warfare in Armed Conflicts

12903. Sustaining Power Through External Threats: The Power of Enemy Images in Russia and Azerbaijan

12904. The Evaluation of Russia's Foreign Policy Towards Georgia Following the ‘Rose Revolution’

12905. Myanmar’s Foreign Strategy Toward China Since Rohingya Crisis: Changes, Outlook and Implications

12906. Detecting the Ideological Position of Political Islam Towards Liberal Democracy in Muslim Countries

12907. Women and Gender Equality: Justice or Civilization?

12908. Trends in International Arms Transfers, 2020

12909. Addressing Missile Threats in the Middle East and North Africa

12910. The World Food Programme’s Contribution to Improving the Prospects for Peace in Colombia

12911. Post-shipment Control Measures: European Approaches to On-site Inspections of Exported Military Materiel

12912. Mapping the International Presence of the World’s Largest Arms Companies

12913. Quest for Growth and Resilience in the Face of Mounting Economic Headwinds

12914. A Review of the Performance of the 2020 National Budget

12915. Recalibrating US-Africa Policy

12916. 5G Technological Leadership

12917. The American Republic and the Authoritarian Challenge

12918. Exploring Women’s Participation in Political Life in Tunisia With a Focus on the 2019 Elections

12919. The Georgia Risk-Limiting Audit/Hand Tally: A Carter Center Observation Report

12920. Identity Crisis: Ethnicity and Conflict in Myanmar

12921. Peace in Ukraine (III): The Costs of War in Donbas

12922. Leaders under Fire: Defending Colombia’s Front Line of Peace

12923. The U.S. Presidential Election: Managing the Risks of Violence

12924. How Europe Can Help Lebanon Overcome Its Economic Implosion

12925. Virus-proof Violence: Crime and COVID-19 in Mexico and the Northern Triangle

12926. All That Glitters is Not Gold: Turmoil in Zimbabwe’s Mining Sector

12927. Easing Cameroon’s Ethno-political Tensions, On and Offline

12928. Disorder on the Border: Keeping the Peace between Colombia and Venezuela

12929. Venezuela: What Lies Ahead after Election Clinches Maduro’s Clean Sweep

12930. CIAO Focus: Bases

12931. Artificial Intelligence, Technological Warfare and Changes in the World Order: China, USA and Brazil

12932. Maritime Challenges: Decarbonization and Geopolitical Tensions

12933. Conflict and Cooperation in Asia: Geopolitical Issues

12934. The Increasing Role of Asia in Multilateral Development Finance

12935. Mobility of the Future: Climate Change and New Technologies

12936. Asian Production Chains and Technological Decoupling: Trends, Uncertainties and Opportunities for Brazil

12937. Brazil-China Post-Covid-19: The Digital City

12938. Brazil-China Post-Covid-19: Food Security, Food Safety and Sustainability

12939. Socio-economic implications of Covid-19 in Cameroon and proposals to reduce the economic fallout

12940. Lockdown Preventive Measure against COVID-19 Pandemic: Livelihoods Implications in Cameroon

12941. Dealing With Construction Permits In Cameroon: Evaluation And Recommendations For Policymakers

12942. Examining Business Creation In Cameroon From The Perspective Of Women

12943. An Analysis Of The Legislation About Business Creation In Cameroon

12944. 199 Days Into Covid-19 Pandemic

12945. Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) and the Unequal Treatment of Companies in the Cameroonian Market

12946. Obtaining Credit in Cameroon: Problems and Prospects

12947. Harnessing Public Accountability in the Public Service for Better Governance in Cameroon

12948. Armed Conflict and COVID 19: the Ramifications on the Educational Sector in the NW/SW Regions of Cameroon

12949. The Role of the Youth in Mitigating the Armed Conflict in Anglophone Cameroon

12950. Report On The Effects Of BEAC’s Monetary Policy In Cameroon

12951. What Tax Policy In Cameroon After 2020?

12952. Security Sector Capture in Serbia – An Early Study

12953. Many Faces of Serbian Foreign Policy Public Opinion and Geopolitical Balancing

12954. Boosting Armament to Fight Demographic Decline, Crime and Corruption – Public Opinion on Security

12955. Serbia in the Jaws of the COVID-19 Pandemic

12956. Flattening the Pandemic and Recession Curves

12957. Coronavirus and Managing Your Organization’s Response

12958. Rising in the East: The Evolution of the Islamic State in the Philippines

12959. Born Out of Necessity: A Debt Standstill for COVID-19

12960. In Defense of Alternatives to Pollution Pricing

12961. Racial Inequality

12962. Is the “show-the-flag” strategy relevant for Visegrad countries in securing the EU?

12963. Challenges for Security and Defence Cooperation in Central Europe: Will the EU be able to manage the crisis in the EU periphery?

12964. The Three Seas Initiative as a new model of regional cooperation in Central Europe: A Polish perspective

12965. Migration trends and challenges in the Visegrad countries

12966. “To protect national sovereignty from the EU?” The 2019 EP elections and populist parties in V4 countries

12967. Central Europe in the new Millennium: The new Great Game?

12968. OPEC+ as a new governor in Global Energy Governance

12969. “Mainlandization” of Hong Kong, A Model of Influence, Resistance and Adjustment

12970. Development of Local Governance and Decentralization to empower Citizens in Pakistan: A Historical Analysis

12971. Citizen Engagement and Effectiveness in Developing Local Governance: The Case of Khon Kaen Province,Thailand

12972. Coattail Effect Strategy of Gerindra Party in 2019 Concurrent Election

12973. The Interplay of Incumbency, Political Dynasty and Corruption in Indonesia: Are Political Dynasties the Cause of Corruption in Indonesia?

12974. Bottom-Up Model Analysis of Community Involvement in the Sister City Cooperation for Flood Mitigation in East Kalimantan

12975. Women Participation as Agent of Citizens Diplomacy through Solo International Performing Art (SIPA)

12976. Enhancing Women Contribution in Peace, Conflict Resolution, and Security Agenda: Indonesian Female Peacekeepers in the United Nations Peacekeeping Operation (Garuda Contingent – KONGA)

12977. Indonesia’s Foreign Policy Towards Malaysia in the Post Soeharto Era: A Case Study of Ambalat Dispute

12978. Will Informal Institutions Replace Formal Institutions? The Primacy of Church and “Uma Lisan” in Fostering Community Security in Timor Leste

12979. Mainstreaming Realism Paradigm in Handling Illegal Immigrants in Malaysia

12980. The Modalities and Roles of Local Governments to Face Terrorism Issues in Indonesia: The Case Study of Malang Raya Region

12981. The Terrorist Threat Assessment 2020

12982. Enhancing Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation through International Cluster: Implications for the Kaesong Industrial Complex

12983. The Diplomatic Conflict between South Korea and Japan: Has the Candlelight Revolution become the Curse of Liberal Democracy?

12984. Is Japan the “Britain” of East Asia? A Geopolitical Analysis of Japan’s Long-term Strategy on the Korean Peninsula

12985. The two Koreas´ Relations with China: Vision and Challenge

12986. Changing Roles of the EU and ASEAN on Peace in the Korean Peninsula

12987. Why EU’s Multilateralism matters in Korea’s Peace Process?

12988. Fall 2020 edition of Contemporary Eurasia

12989. Spring 2020 edition of Contemporary Eurasia

12990. Why, When, and How to Teach the Fundamentals of Inequality in Principles

12991. Rural Development Hubs: Strengthening America’s Rural Innovation Infrastructure

12992. Supporting Students to be Independent Learners: State and District Actions for the Pandemic Era

12993. City Resiliency and Climate Change: A Report from the 2020 Inter-Policy School Summit

12994. An Equity Imperative: How the Workforce System Can Advance Workplace Health and Safety During and After the Pandemic

12995. How Governors and Mayors Can Support Schools So Schools Can Support Students

12996. Equity and Affordability in Rural Communities and Tribal Nations

12997. Stress Test: People, Technology, and the Safety Net In Response To Covid-19

12998. Building a Federal Water Assistance Program: What can we learn from federal programs that protect low income families

12999. Public Lands, We the People: Creating a Healthy and Just Future for All

13000. Voices from the Field: Engaging Employers to Connect Young Adults to Good Fit Employment