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1341. The Impossibility of a Defence Policy in the Americas? Comparing Hemispheric and South American Security Concepts and Military Roles

1342. ‘Peace with a Woman’s Face’: Women, Social Media and the Colombian Peace Process

1343. The Securitization of the Tri-Border Area between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

1344. The Relation Among Regional Organisations, the Consolidation of Democracy and Citizen Security: The Cases of SICA and UNASUR

1345. Priorities for the UN's Children and Armed Conflict Agenda, 2020

1346. Egyptian Plague or Spring of Youth? The Israeli Discourse regarding the Arab Spring

1347. Israel's Relations with Key Arab States in 2019

1348. Turkey-Greece Relations: Growing Tensions and Implications for Transatlantic Relations

1349. An Update on Preventing Violent Extremism in the Horn of Africa

1350. The Modern Aim and Growth of the Brazilian Defense Industry

1351. The Future of US-Kazakhstan Relations

1352. Libya’s Civil War: US Abdication Providing a Playground for Foreign Intervention

1353. Pugwash Document on Cyber Security and Warfare

1354. Protests and Regime Suppression in Post-Revolutionary Iran

1355. A Paris Reset on Hezbollah? Implications for French Interests and Regional Security

1356. Caught in the Crossfire: Challenges to Migrant Protection in the Yemeni and Libyan Conflicts

1357. Why the United States Should Remain Engaged on Nuclear Power: Geopolitical and National Security Considerations

1358. How Germany and France Could Play a Leading Role in International Donor Coordination

1359. Monitoring in German Bilateral Development Cooperation: A Case Study of Agricultural, Rural Development and Food Security Projects

1360. Mediterranean Sea: a paradigm of contemporary conflicts