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1. The Geopolitical Consequences of COVID-19: Assessing Hawkish Mass Opinion in China

2. After Trump: Enemies, Partisans, and Recovery

3. The Emergence of a Latino Political Ethnicity: 1990 to the Era of Trump

4. Vengeful Citizens, Violent States: A Theory of War and Revenge, Rachel Stein

5. Neighborhood Defenders: Participatory Politics and America’s Housing Crisis, Katherine Levine Einstein, David M. Glick and Maxwell Palmer

6. Dangerously Divided: How Race and Class Shape Winning and Losing in American Politics, Zoltan L. Hajnal

7. Is the Republican Party Destroying Itself? (And Why It Needs to Reclaim Its Conservative Ideals), Thomas E. Patterson

8. How to Stop Jihadist Foreign Fighters

9. How to Win a “Long Game”: The Voting Rights Act, the Republican Party, and the Politics of Counter-Enforcement

10. U.S. Geopolitics and Nuclear Deterrence in the Era of Great Power Competitions

11. Policy or Pique? Trump and the Turn to Great Power Competition

12. The Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2020: A National Referendum on the Trump Presidency

13. Limits of the Conservative Revolution in the States

14. Why Cities Lose: The Deep Roots of the Urban-Rural Political Divide, Jonathan Rodden

15. Islam, Authoritarianism, and Underdevelopment: A Global and Historical Comparison, Ahmet T. Kuru

16. Secret Wars: Covert Conflict in International Politics, Austin Carson

17. Conformity: The Power of Social Influences, Cass R. Sunstein

18. Foreign Policy Dilemmas and Opportunities for a New Administration: An Opinion Piece

19. The Rise of Andrew Jackson: Myth, Manipulation, and the Making of Modern Politics, David S. Heidler and Jeanne T. Heidler

20. Democracy and Prosperity: Reinventing Capitalism through a Turbulent Century, Torben Iversen and David Soskice