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9881. The crisis of the Turkish lira: Toward economic collapse or a new economic model?

9882. Three Scenarios for Europe’s Conflict Landscape in 2030

9883. The Role of Space as a Global Common Good for Critical Infrastructure and Industry

9884. Promoting Technological Sovereignty and Innovation: Emerging and Disruptive Technologies

9885. Strategic Foresight and the EU Cyber Threat Landscape in 2025

9886. Migration, Borders, and the EU’s Capacity to Act

9887. The Digital Technology Environment and Europe’s Capacity to Act

9888. Women and Minors in Tertiary Prevention of Islamist Extremism

9889. Communicating in Tertiary ­Prevention of Islamist Extremism

9890. Towards More Effective Deradicalization: Urgent Recommendations for Addressing Violent Islamist Extremism

9891. Building European Resilience and Capacity to Act: Lessons for 2030

9892. China’s Nuclear Arms Race: How Beijing Is Challenging US Dominance in the Indo-Pacific

9893. New Caledonia Prepares for Third and Final Referendum on Independence from France

9894. Sustainable Infrastructure Offers Opportunities for U.S. – Thai Cooperation

9895. Revitalize the Thai-U.S. Alliance by Tackling 21st Century Challenges: Let’s Start by Working Together to Address Marine Plastic Debris

9896. How to Move the Thailand-U.S. Strategic Alliance Forward

9897. The Prospects of Thailand-U.S. Economic Cooperation

9898. Can U.S. Assistance Reinvigorate the U.S.-Thai Alliance?

9899. Thai-U.S. Bilateral Relations: Benefits and Challenges

9900. U.S.-Thai Economic Prospects–Turning A New Page