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12111. Digitalising the Fiscal Contract: An Interdisciplinary Framework for Empirical Inquiry

12112. Cling Together, Swing Together: The Contagious Effects of COVID-19 on Developing Countries through Global Value Chains

12113. The LFDD – Human Mobility Nexus in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean: A Review of National Policy and Legal Frameworks

12114. How Sustainable is Recycling? Reconciling the Social, Ecological, and Economic Dimensions in Argentina

12115. Multi-annual financial framework and Next Generation EU, Review of an unprecedented, tumultuous European budgetary chapter

12116. Creation of a European Solidarity Funds: Directing Europeans’ savings towards their growth companies

12117. The European Union and its model to regulate international trade relations

12118. Relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom: a final agreement in view?

12119. Emerging from the political crisis in Belarus: with or without the intervention of external actors?

12120. Challenges facing the CAP over the next decade