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221. Russia’s Ideological Construction in the Context of the War in Ukraine

222. The Future of Nuclear Proliferation after the War in Ukraine

223. India-Russia Relations in Troubled Times: Steady but Stagnating

224. When Life Gives You Lemons: How EU Citrus Standards Can Limit Trade

225. The Advisory Function of the International Court of Justice: Are States Resorting to Advisory Proceedings as a “Soft” Litigation Strategy?

226. Seeking Safer Shells: An Analysis of Interpretations, Justifications, and Rationales Behind Decisions on North Korean Defectors’ Right to Asylum

227. Revising Organ Procurement Organization Guidelines to Obtaining Family Consent for Deceased Donation: An Anthropologically Informed Policy Proposal

228. Migrant Death and Disappearability at Sea: Mediterranean Necropolitics as a European Strategy of Migration Deterrence

229. Is the Government Ready to Take the Lead? Transition of Migration Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina

230. Guam in Washington, 1972-Present: The Overlooked Strategic Implications of Congressional Polarization

231. Friends in Need: Russian Strategic Communications in Africa Before and After the Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine

232. A Land of Violence, A Land of Conquest: Memory, Truth, Historical Continuity, and Imperialism in Rwanda

233. Understanding the Energy Drivers of Turkey’s Foreign Policy

234. Iraq’s Development Road: Geopolitics, Rentierism, and Border Connectivity

235. Tunisia’s Transformation Into a Transit Hub: Illegal Migration and Policy Dilemmas

236. Getting Off the Back Foot: Guiding Principles for a Proactive Western Strategy on Belarus

237. Emerging Powers and the Future of American Statecraft

238. Charting the Radical Right’s Influence on EU Foreign Policy

239. Exploring Law Enforcement Hacking as a Tool Against Transnational Cyber Crime

240. South Africa’s Cyber Strategy Under Ramaphosa: Limited Progress, Low Priority