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10061. Milestones in Canadian Gender and Trade Policy

10062. The Philanthropic Activities During Conflict: The Case Study of the Expatriate Syrian Business Community

10063. A Mediatised Conflict: The Mediatisation of Palestinian Split in Pan-Arab Transnational Satellite TV Journalism

10064. How Do The Main Negative Emotions Affect People's Political Decision Process? : “Fear, Anxiety And Anger"

10065. European Union and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

10066. Turkish-Greek Rapprochement in the 1930s: The British Factor as a Third Party

10067. Do Consumers Really Care About Corporate Social Responsibility Messages on Social Media? An Investigation on Turkish Telecommunication Companies

10068. Reflections of the Reproduced State Identity on Turkish Foreign Policy: Crises With the USA

10069. About some religious customs of Shii Muslims in Azerbaijan in the 19th century

10070. Ditransitive Constructions in Zaza Language