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1. Iran’s New Budget Perpetuates Economic Challenges

2. Ten Years of Democratizing Data: Privileging Facts, Refuting Misconceptions and Examining Missed Opportunities

3. The Existential Value of Ukraine’s Freedom


5. Narratives of Civic Duty – A Book Talk by Aram Hur

6. Nigeria’s 2023 Election: Democratic Development and Political Fragmentation

7. European Democracy Support Annual Review 2022

8. Why Does the Global Spyware Industry Continue to Thrive? Trends, Explanations, and Responses

9. The INE Debate and the Formation of the Neoliberal Democracy in Mexico

10. El Salvador: Surfing in the “New Land of the Free?”

11. Peru: The Country of Failed Transitions

12. Brasília and Washington

13. European aid to the MENA region after the Arab uprisings: A window of opportunity missed

14. Democratizing International Relations

15. Reflections on Nigeria’s Elections: Threats, potential outcomes and relevance to democracy in West Africa

16. The Democratic Quality of Primaries in Ghana: A Look at the 2020 NPP Internal Party Elections

17. Why Democracies Implement Better Climate Actions: Case Study of India, the Philippines, and Japan

18. Shifting Paradigms: The Rise of the Move Forward Party and the Changing Face of Thai Democracy

19. The Demise of ‘Hybrid’ Democracy in Pakistan: Case of Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Arrest

20. Recent Defamation Case and Mounting State Onslaughts Against Political Opposition in India

21. Japan’s Gradual Move to Address Technological Challenges to Democracy

22. Upcoming Elections and Political Turmoil in Pakistan

23. Indonesia’s ASEAN Chairmanship: Challenges for Strengthening Democracy Agenda in ASEAN

24. Restoring Democracy in Myanmar: A Call for Bolstered Anti-Junta Resistance Forces

25. Taiwan’s Civic Space Threatened by Chinese Misinformation and the Government’s Worrisome Legislative Responses

26. Expanding International Cooperation against Corruption in the Indo-Pacific

27. The Role of Democracy Discourse in the Emerging "New Cold War"

28. Seeking to undermine democracy and partnerships: How the CCP is influencing the Pacific islands information environment

29. Western Balkans’ Horizon 2023 – New uncertainties in a changed geopolitical setting

30. The Far-Right in the Western Balkans. How the Extreme Right is Threatening Democracy in the Region

31. Balancing Natural Resources and Human and Social Capital: Pathways to Economic Diversification in Mongolia

32. Social Policy Expansion and Retrenchment After Latin America’s Commodity Boom

33. Aid’s impact on democracy

34. The International Dimension of the U.S. Strategy on Countering Corruption

35. Position Paper: Municipal elections in the Westbank: a first step towards inclusive democracy.

36. New Policy Papaer : The Consequences of No General Elections in Palestine

37. Atticism and the Summit for Democracy

38. Why Tunisia’s parliamentary electoral formula needs to be changed

39. From inside and outside: Palestinian youth reshaping old electoral systems

40. One Year after the Myanmar Coup

41. Government Internet Shutdowns Are Changing. How Should Citizens and Democracies Respond?

42. How Inequality and Polarization Interact: America’s Challenges Through a South African Lens

43. Next-Generation Technology and Electoral Democracy: Understanding the Changing Environment

44. 25 Years After the Peace Accords, Democracy Weak in Guatemala

45. Costa Rica's Rush to the Right

46. Disobedient Histories: Descendants of Perpetrators in Argentina Join the Human Rights Movement

47. The Venezuelan Opposition’s Elusive Quest for Power

48. “I Left Venezuela to Defend the Constitution”: An Interview with Luisa Ortega Díaz

49. Analyzing Voter Turnout in Lebanon: Political Change in Times of Crisis

50. People or Technology: What Drives Democracy

51. AI Challenging Sovereignty and Democracy

52. Democratizing AI

53. The Pandemic Exposes and Exacerbates Existing Problems of Inequality and Polarization

54. Democratic Backsliding in Indonesia

55. How Authoritarian Legacies Play a Role in Shaping Electoral Volatility in Asia

56. The 2022 Philippine Elections Primer: A Democratic Citizenship Perspective

57. South Korea’s 2022 Presidential Election: A Vox Populi that is Evenly Divided

58. Political Polarization in Asia: Cleavages and Agencies of Polarization in India, the Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand

59. The 2022 Philippine Elections: Religion and Politics amid Democratic Uncertainty Commentary·Issue Briefing | 2022-04-19

60. Political Debacle in Pakistan Detached from People’s Life

61. Sri Lanka’s Arab Spring Moment: Can Asia’s Oldest Democracy Weather the Crisis?

62. The Inadequacy of Nepal’s Democracy for Marginalized Peoples

63. Increasing the Success and Sustainability of Democracy and Governance Interventions in Post-conflict Countries

64. A Map of Latin America’s Present: An Interview with Héctor Béjar

65. Don’t Panic! How to Give Germany’s Crisis Management Strategic Footing

66. Competition between Democracy and Autocracy: The Defining Challenge of the 21st Century

67. Introducing Third Way’s US-China Digital World Order Initiative

68. Analysis of the Integrity Index for Parliamentary Elections in the Albanian Developing Representative Democracy

69. Tunisia’s Turbulence: On the Road to Economic and Political Collapse

70. Clear and president danger: Democracy and the constitution in Tunisia

71. Byting back: The EU’s digital alliance with Latin America and the Caribbean

72. Back to barracks: Building democracy after the military coup in Sudan

73. An Economic Defense of Multiple Antitrust Goals: Reversing Income Inequality and Promoting Political Democracy

74. At the End of Its Tether: U.S. Grand Strategy of Advancing Democracy

75. The EU Green Deal. A new momentum for democratic governance in the MENA region?

76. Democratic Backsliding in the Indo-Pacific

77. Iraq’s state of democracy: A self-perpetuating cycle against reform in favour of the political elite

78. Southeast Asian democracy: Democratic regression or autocratic hardening?

79. Democratic-values against authoritarianism? In the end it will be [again] the economy, stupid!

80. Media and Democratic Backsliding – Lessons from the Turkish Case

81. The von der Leyen European Commission at midterm: Same priorities, different reality

82. June 2022 Issue

83. Leaving Stabilocracy Behind – Rethinking the French Approach to the Western Balkans

84. Covidocracy in the Election Process – An Analysis of the Pandemic Narrative Serving the State Capture

85. Governing the Global Commons: Challenges and Opportunities for US-Japan Cooperation

86. AI Startups and the Fight Against Mis/Disinformation Online: An Update

87. AI Audit-Washing and Accountability

88. Democracy in Africa is Like a Flashlight without Batteries

89. "I Am Not Going”: Determinants of Social Activity before Poland’s Ghost Election

90. The Exhaustion of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Dysfunctional Constitutional Regime

91. News Media and its Influence on the American Debate over War and Peace

92. Beyond Elections: Evolving Arab Public Opinion on Democracy and Human Rights

93. Reexamining U.S. Aid to the Middle East: Ideas for Advancing Both Governance and Democracy

94. Rhetoric Meets Reality in Jawlani’s Push for Self-Sufficiency

95. Looking for Legitimacy: Taliban Diplomacy Since the Fall of Kabul

96. Iraq’s Constitutional Moment?

97. How Iran’s Protests Differ from Past Movements

98. Scoring Iraq’s New Government: Metrics for Preserving U.S. Interests

99. The Tenacity of Young Iranians in the Protest Movement

100. Hamas at 35