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601. Democracy in the Middle East and North Africa: Five Years after the Arab Uprisings

602. Civic Engagement in the Middle East and North Africa

603. Looking Beyond 2023

604. Practice and Perils of Vote Buying in Nigeria’s Recent Elections

605. The African Military in a Democratic Age

606. oiip Podcast with Megan Bastick

607. Bounded Autonomy: What Limits Zimbabweans’ Trust in their Courts and Electoral Commission?

608. Slowly growing or stunted? How Delivery of Electoral, Political, and Economic Goods Impacts Support for Democracy in Uganda

609. Swinging Between Hope and Despair: Kabul Citizens’ Voting Behaviour in the 2018 Wolesi Jirga Election

610. Making Reform a Priority for Taiwan’s Fishing Fleet

611. The United States and India: Forging an Indispensable Democratic Partnership

612. Europe’s Populist Challenge

613. What Turkey’s Political Changes Mean for U.S.-Turkish Relations

614. Securing a Democratic World

615. The ASD Policy Blueprint for Countering Authoritarian Interference in Democracies

616. Dossier 5: Lula and The Battle for Democracy

617. Fragile States Index 2018 – Annual Report

618. The Rise of Transnational Democracy and Its Effect on the International Legal Order

619. Sher Bahadur Deuba, Prime Minister of Nepal

620. Cultural Scenario of Pakistan in Democratic and Military Eras (1947-2013)

621. Venezuela: A Situation Report

622. Authoritarian Backlash: A Comparison of Turkey & Venezuela

623. Human Rights, Democracy, and Ethics at the Forefront of Education of Public Security Forces in the Western Hemisphere: The WHINSEC Experience​

624. Constitutional Term Limits for African Leaders


626. Laboratory of Democracy? Turkey’s Scientific Institutions After the July 15 Coup

627. The Referendum in Turkey: A Pyrrhic Victory and Continuous Crisis

628. Competing Interests in Shingal District: Policy Recommendations for Defusing Tensions

629. The Sabean-Mandaeans: Perceptions of Reconciliation and Conflict

630. After the Kurdistan Referendum: Iraq’s Road to Reconciliation

631. The Global Exchange (Spring 2017)

632. Opportunities and Challenges of Ensuring Stability in Kenya’s 2017 General Elections

633. In Defense of Democracy: Lessons from ECOWAS' Management of The Gambia's 2016 Post-Election Impasse

634. Conference Proceedings 9: Accomplishments, Plans and Lessons Learned

635. Key Issues and Policy Recommendations Compilation

636. Key Issues and Policy Recommendations, Conference 8

637. Conference Proceedings 7: Ukraine’s Civilian Security Sector–Reforms

638. Key Issues and Policy Recommendations, Conference 1

639. Key Issues and Policy Recommendations, Conference 2

640. Comparative Continuismo: Presidential Term Limit Contravention Across Developing Democracies

641. The Last Straw: Responding to Russia’s Anti-Western Aggression

642. The Signs of Deconsolidation

643. The 2016 U.S. Election: Can Democracy Survive the Internet?

644. The End of the Postnational Illusion

645. India’s Democracy at 70: Growth, Inequality, and Nationalism

646. The Pipe Dream of Undemocratic Liberalism

647. The Real Lessons of the Interwar Years

648. The Kremlin Emboldened: Putin Is Not Russia

649. The Kremlin Emboldened: What Is Putinism?

650. Eroding Norms and Democratic Deconsolidation

651. Nuclear Governance and Legislation in Four Nuclear-Armed Democracies

652. Civil Resistance against Coups: A Comparative and Historical Perspective

653. What We Think about When We Think of Crime

654. First Universal Democratic Elections in Independent Georgia

655. Freeing the “Rice Bowl of Asia”: How Changing Patterns of Interdependence are Driving Political Change in Myanmar

656. Beyond the Card Reader: Elections Rigging as an Emerging National Security Threat in Nigeria

657. Separatist Agitations in Nigeria: War versus Peace Journalism

658. Elections Governance During the Tunisian Democratic Transition

659. Theories of Democratic Change II : Paths Away from Authoritarianism

660. Making Human Rights Campaigns Effective While Limiting Unintended Consequences: A Literature Review on Human Rights

661. Grassroots Reform in the Global South: A Literature Review on Grassroots Reform

662. Election Forensics Toolkit and Guide

663. Struggles from Below: Literature Review on Human Rights Struggles by Domestic Actors

664. A World in Transition: the Rise of Populism and the Fall of Multilateralism? (Full Issue)

665. Populism and Democracy: Lessons from Latin America

666. The United States and Colombia: A Special Relationship

667. U.S.-Ghana Relations Are Strong Following December 2016 Elections

668. The United States and Namibia: Promoting Success in a Young African Democracy

669. Colombia Mid-2017

670. The Kurds in a Volatile Middle East

671. President Macron’s France: Between Internal Turmoil and External Crossroads

672. Rwanda and President Kagame

673. Three myths about Catalonia’s independence movement

674. What do 'The People' (Still) Want? Conceptions of Democracy. Arab Transformations Policy Brief No 1

676. The costs of voting on Kurdistan’s secession

677. Party Institutionalization and Welfare State Development

678. Informe sobre la Democracia en España 2016

679. The Anxious and the Climbers: Ambivalent Attitudes towards Democracy among South Africa’s Middle Class

680. Delegating Away Democracy: How Good Representation and Policy Successes Can Undermine Democratic Attitudes

681. Democracy Index 2016

682. Is Brexit an opportunity to reform the European Parliament?

683. Russian Active Measures and Influence Campaigns

684. Egypt’s Secular Political Parties: A Struggle for Identity and Independence

685. Legislating Authoritarianism: Egypt’s New Era of Repression

686. Democratic Governance and the Frightening Impact of Corruption in Contemporary Nigerian Society

687. Guarantees of election rights of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan

688. The Ethnification of Electoral Conflicts in Kenya

689. The Quest for Happiness as an Underlying Motive for Violent Conflict in Africa

690. The Autocratic Trust Bias: Politically Sensitive Survey Items and Self-censorship

691. Public Trust in Elections: The Role of Media Freedom and Election Management Autonomy

692. Still no Alternative? Popular Views of the Opposition in Southern Africa’s One-Party Dominant Regimes

693. Turkey’s Parliament

694. On the Borders of Cultural Relativism, Nativism, and International Society: A Promotion of Islamist Democracy in the Middle East after the Arab Uprisings

695. The Politics of Effective Aid and Interstate Conflict

696. Democracy and its Deficits: The path towards becoming European-style democracies in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

697. Foreign Policy Analysis in Latin American democracies: the case for a research protocol

698. Democratization Processes and Political Competition in 1990’s Africa: The Cases of Mozambique and Zambia

699. Role of Media in Strengthening Democracy in Pakistan: Journalists’ Perception

700. Overlapping Effects of Autocracy and Conflict in Africa