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401. Syrian People’s Council Elections 2020: The Regime’s Social Base Contracts

402. Towards a More Principled European China Policy?

403. Fragile States Index 2020

404. Lecture: Radio, Rulers and the Ruled in the 4th Republic: 25 Years of an Evolving Relationship in a Democracy

405. Beijing’s Reactions to November Developments Surrounding the Crisis in Hong Kong

406. The fate of Tripoli and the democratic dream for Libya

407. The Power of Ideas That Won the Cold War is Still Needed

408. Hong Kong — Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

409. Contract Transparency in Uganda's Petroleum and Mining Sectors

410. Decentralisation; Trends, Achievements and the Way-forward for Local Governments in Uganda: Conference Report

411. Review of Gender Budgeting at Sub-national Level in Uganda: Insights from Mbarara, Mukono and Soroti Districts

412. Muddling Through Environmental Politics: The City, the Climate Crisis, and Democracy

413. The Geography of Dictatorship and Support for Democracy

414. Algeria: Inventing New Political Rules

415. Can International Organisations Be Democratic? A Reassessment

416. Signalling for Status: UAE and Women’s Rights

417. Sudan’s Power-Sharing Agreement: Towards Transition or a Game of Tajility?

418. The Tunisian Experience of Decentralization Since 2014

419. A Safe Path for Democratic Decentralization in Syria

420. Who are the Candidates in Tunisia’s 2019 Presidential Elections?

421. Who are the Candidates in Tunisia’s 2019 Presidential Elections?

422. Tunisia’s Upcoming Challenge: Fixing the Economy Before It's Too Late

423. Election Law and Political Economy

424. Saving Secularism in India

425. Spies, Election Meddling, And Disinformation: Past And Present

426. American Espionage: Lessons From History

427. Egypt’s Consolidated Authoritarianism

428. Examining The Rise Of Popular Protests: The People Power Movement In Uganda

429. The Promises And Perils Of Diaspora Mobilization Against Authoritarian Regimes

430. A Strong Central State: A Prerequisite for Effective Local Governance in Yemen

431. The Crisis of The Algerian Presidential Elections: Candidates, Stakes, and Scenarios

432. Undercover Journalism In North Korea

433. Assessing Attitudes of the Next Generation of African Security Sector Professionals

434. India, The United States, Australia and the Difficult Birth of Bangladesh

435. Climate Change, Carbon Politics, and Kenya’s Democratic Future

436. Hong Kong’s Escalating Protests: Three Questions

437. Lessons from South Africa’s 2019 Elections

438. The Denial of Identity Cards to Islamic State Affiliates: a Recipe for Renewed Radicalisation?

439. Politics in Indonesia: Resilient Elections, Defective Democracy

440. A Guide to Election Observer Policies in the United States

441. Shaking Up the 2019 European Election

442. Transatlantic Air Power and What to Do Now: Key to Deterrence, Key to Collective Defense

443. Democracy: The Keystone of our Society

444. Revitalizing Democracy Assistance To Counter Threats To Democratization

445. The End of Techno-Utopianism

446. The Ukraine Whistleblowers and the Rise of Partisan Whistleblowing

447. Democracy Facing Global Challenges: V-DEM ANNUAL DEMOCRACY REPORT 2019

448. The Demographic Transition Theory of War: Why Young Societies Are Conflict Prone and Old Societies Are the Most Peaceful

449. Understanding Bolivia's Nightmare

450. Theories of Democratic Change Phase III: Transitions from Conflict

451. Contested Issues Surrounding Populism in Public and Academic Debates

452. Unintended Consequences of EU Democracy Support in the European Neighbourhood

453. Conceptualising Differentiated Integration: Governance, Effectiveness and Legitimacy

454. Alternative Directions for Israeli Foreign Policy on the Eve of an Election Year

455. Democracy and Foreign Policy in Israel

456. Breaking, Not Bending: Afghan Elections Require Institutional Reform

457. Loya Jirgas and Political Crisis Management in Afghanistan: Drawing on the Bank of Tradition

458. Myanmar’s 2020 Elections and Conflict Dynamics

459. Ukrainian Activism for Transparency and Accountability: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

460. Is there an anti-politics of electricity? Access to the grid and reduced political participation in Africa

461. Is China Challenging the Global State of Democracy?

462. France's “Indo-Pacific” Strategy: Regional Projection

463. Nigeria's Elections Do Not a Democracy Make

464. Zimbabwe's Elections and Political Change in Southern Africa

465. he Democratic Republic of Congo: The Great Electoral Robbery (and how and why Kabila got away with it)

466. Introduction to the Round Table on Building a Modern and Robust Banking System: Poland’s Experience after 1989

467. Development of Parliamentarism. Russian View

468. Conscience, Community and Citizenship: Religious Pluralism in an Age of Religious Nationalism

469. The Convergence of Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in France: Analysis of Systemic Tendencies from the Perspective of Sixty Years of the Fifth Republic

470. The Securitisation of Kurdish Self-Determination as A Challenge for the Sectarian Balance of Power in the Middle East

471. Toward a New EU Democracy Strategy

472. Late to the Party: Russia’s Return to Africa

473. Six Ideas for Rejuvenating European Democracy

474. Climate Politics in a Fragmented Europe

475. Election Risk Monitor: Canada

476. Reforming Investor-State Arbitration by Recourse to the Domestic Courts of Host States

477. What Drives Religious Politicking?

478. Shared Class as an Electoral Heuristic in Brazil’s Local Elections

479. Tyrannies of Majorities: A Conceptual Reassessment

480. South Korea’s Migrant Policies and Democratic Challenges After the Candlelight Movement

481. Power balance: Japan’s Role in the Indo-Pacific under the constraints of big powers priorities and unsolved historical and territorial questions

482. Illiberal Democracy and the Struggle on the Right

483. 30 Years After Tiananmen: The Meaning of June 4th

484. Aspirations and Realities in Africa: Ethiopia’s Quiet Revolution

485. Polarization versus Democracy

486. Populism and the Decline of Social Democracy

487. Southeast Asia’s Troubling Elections: Nondemocratic Pluralism in Indonesia

488. Sudan’s Uprising: The Fall of a Dictator

489. Resisting State Capture in South Africa

490. The role of democracy and human rights adherence in NATO enlargement decisions

491. Dynasties and Democracy: The Inherited Incumbency Advantage in Japan, Daniel M. Smith

492. Democracy and human rights agency for change: Alternative Democratic Practices in Southeast Europe

493. Political Culture in Southeast Europe. Navigating between Democratic and Authoritarian Beliefs and Practices

494. Digital Democracy

495. Peace and Electoral Democracy in Myanmar

496. The Proposed Changes to Judicial Oversight of Government Powers: Justified Measures or an Erosion of Democracy?

497. Human Rights in a Shifting Landscape: Recommendations for Congress

498. Do Not Give Up on Turkey's Democracy Just Yet

499. Radio Free Europe's Return to Hungary

500. Social Capital in the Middle East and North Africa