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301. How Democracy Ends, David Runciman

302. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Spring 2020

303. Russia: an increasingly repressive autocracy seeking a place on the UN Human Rights Council

304. BTI and Cuba: the State of democratic denial

305. Democracy under siege: Advancing cooperation and common values in the Indo-Pacific

306. PeaceGame Venezuela: Pathways to Peace

307. An Avoidable War: Politics and Armed Conflict in Myanmar’s Rakhine State

308. How ‘demos’ met ‘cracy’: debt, inequality, money

309. Iraq’s adolescent democracy: Where to go from here

310. Moment of truth: Mali teeters between President Keïta and the protest movement

311. Navigating Diplomacy: US Policy Options in Iran

312. Immigration and Racism in Japan: Litmus test for liberal democracy?

313. The Role of Digital Power in Estonia and Taiwan in Combating COVID-19

314. Political Polarization in South and Southeast Asia: Old Divisions, New Dangers

315. Reinventing Transatlantic Relations on Climate, Democracy, and Technology

316. Service Delivery with Wanton Protests in Megalopolises, South Africa

317. Youth in MENA: Findings from the Fifth Wave of the Arab Barometer

318. The Relation Among Regional Organisations, the Consolidation of Democracy and Citizen Security: The Cases of SICA and UNASUR

319. Effects of US Foreign Assistance on Democracy Building, 1990–2014: An Update

320. The Emergence of Democracy in Colombia

321. Ideas and Interests: European Democracy Aid and the Democracy-Security Dilemma, 1990-2010

322. Tibet Leadership in Exile and the Indo-Pacific Strategy

323. The Law’s Broken Promises to Stateless Persons

324. Threats to Ethiopia’s Fragile Democratic Transition

325. Multinational Interventions to Defend African Democracies against Extremist Violence

326. Indigenous Community-based Natural Resources Management Mechanisms

327. From Industrial Citizenship to Private Ordering? Contract, Status, and the Question of Consent.

328. War on the virus: Military responses to COVID-19

329. Tunisia’s Fragile Democracy: Decentralization, Institution-Building and the Development of Marginalized Regions – Policy Briefs from the Region and Europe

330. A New Risk to the EU from Coronavirus Viktor Orbán’s Hungary

331. Taiwan's 2020 Election and Its Implications for the New Southbound Policy

332. The Impact of COVID-19 on Democratic Elections in Africa

333. A problem shared: Russia and the transformation of Europe’s eastern neighbourhood

334. Backsliding of democracy in Slovenia under right-wing populist Janez Janša

335. EU – Western Balkans summit - More reforms, more money

336. Brief on COVID-19: Do Czechs Want a Stronger EU or a Convenient Scapegoat ?

337. Democracy, ‘Alternative Reality’ and Estonia’s Resilience

338. Party footprints in Africa: Measuring local party presence across the continent

339. Corruption Crossroads? Rising Perceptions of Graft Weaken Citizen Trust, Threaten Botswana’s Democratic Standing

340. Democratic Dividend: The Road to Quality Education in Africa

341. OFES COVID-19 Brefing Series: Preventing Government Corruption in Crises

342. IFES Helps Shape UN's International Anti-corruption Agenda

343. Parliamentary Oversight of Constitutional Bodies in the Maldives

344. How Much Can the U.S. Congress Resist Political Money? A Quantitative Assessment

345. Stronger Together: A Strategy to Revitalize Transatlantic Power

346. United States‐Japan Cooperation on Democracy and Equity Should Tackle Gender and Racial Justice

347. The Outlook for Turkish Democracy: 2023 and Beyond

348. What the EU Should Do for Democracy Support in Africa: Ten Proposals for a New Strategic Initiative in Times of Polarisation

349. Emergency Powers, COVID-19 and the New Challenge for Human Rights

350. Assessing Afghanistan’s 2019 Presidential Election

351. Legislature and Legislative Elections in Afghanistan: An Analysis

352. European Democracy, a fundamental system to be protected

353. Syrian People’s Council Elections 2020: The Regime’s Social Base Contracts

354. A Peoples' Policy for the Americas

355. Chile's Struggle to Democratize the State

356. Blurring the Division Between Church and State in AMLO’s Mexico

357. Argentina: A Tentative Case for Democratic Populism

358. How Sudan Transitions

359. No Land in Paraguay

360. Traditional Transitional Justice Mechanisms: Lessons from Africa

361. The Social Credit System: Not Just Another Chinese Idiosyncrasy

362. Resisting the Call of Nativism: What U.S. Political Parties Can Learn From Other Democracies

363. Reforming the House of Lords

364. Uncertainty & Hope in Chile

365. A Hard Rain'? Reforming the Civil Service

366. From Peoples' Struggles to Public Policy: The Institutionalization of the Bhilwara Framework of Social Accountability in India

367. The changing nature and architecture of U.S. democracy assistance

368. Disillusionment with liberal democracy in the Visegrad countries

369. Democracy by Design: An Affirmative Response to the Illiberal Use of Technology for 2021

370. Intelligence Transparency and Foreign Threats to Elections: Responsibilities, Risks, and Recommendations

371. Combating Populism: A Toolkit for Liberal Democratic Actors

372. Elections and Democratic Deficits in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: A Commentary

373. Trust in Political Power and Government Institutions in Mozambique: 2014-2018

374. Detecting the Ideological Position of Political Islam Towards Liberal Democracy in Muslim Countries

375. Exploring Women’s Participation in Political Life in Tunisia With a Focus on the 2019 Elections

376. Security Sector Capture in Serbia – An Early Study

377. The Diplomatic Conflict between South Korea and Japan: Has the Candlelight Revolution become the Curse of Liberal Democracy?

378. Domestic and International (Dis)Order: A Strategic Response

379. Changes in the Party System in the Context of Deconsolidation of Democracy in Poland

380. Conceptualizing the Theoretical Category of Neo-militant Democracy: The Case of Hungary

381. Political Process, Crisis and Legitimacy in Poland

382. A Lioness Turned into a Fox. A Political Realist View of Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi

383. Possibility of Implementing the Concept of the Intermarium in the Context of Militant Democracy in Poland During and After the Coronavirus Pandemic

384. Political Trust vs. Turnout in Modern Democracies

385. Changes in the Electoral Code and Their Impact on the Security of the Election The Origin for Discussion Based on Selected Comments

386. Campaigns and Electioneering: Reflecting on the 2015 General Elections in Nigeria

387. Restrictions of Freedom of Press as an Indicator of Neo-Militant Democracy in Lithuania

388. Friends and Enemies: A Framework for Understanding Chinese Political Interference in Democratic Countries

389. Competitive Strategies for Democracy in the Age of AI

390. Covert Foreign Money: Financial Loopholes Exploited by Authoritarians to Fund Political Interference in Democracies

391. A Future Internet for Democracies: Contesting China’s Push for Dominance in 5G, 6G, and the Internet of Everything

392. Linking Values and Strategy: How Democracies Can Offset Autocratic Advances

393. Europe in a Multipolar World

394. The Economics and Politics of Social Democracy: A Reconsideration

395. Higher Education as a Pathway toward Peace in Burkina Faso: New Policy Perspectives

396. Democratic Change and Urbanisation in the Aftermath of the Arab Revolts: Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Cooperation in Local Urban Development in Morocco and Tunisia

397. How Tunisia’s En-Nahda crafts Islamist politics: From programmatic failure to neo-Islamist framing

398. Institutional Failure: A Challenge to Good Governance in Pakistan

399. Viral vulnerability: How the pandemic is making democracy sick in the Western Balkans

400. Towards a More Principled European China Policy?