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201. African Great Lakes Region: Governance and Politics

202. Democratic Backsliding in Poland on Example Drafts Amendments in Electoral Code During the COVID-19 Pandemic

203. Why Did Italian Democracy Become Vulnerable? Theorizing the Change from Neo- to Quasi-Militant Democracy

204. The Role of Islam in Indonesian Foreign Policy: A Case of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Introduction

205. The Round Table in 1989 – Consequences and Evaluation

206. Changing Dynamics of Pak-US Relations and the Challenge of Soft Power

207. Authoritarian protectionism in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe: diversity, commonality and resistance

208. Political Participation and Promotion of Democracy: Role of Civil Society Organizations in Jordan

209. How Do We Talk to Foreign Audiences After Trump’s Subversion?

210. Can the U.S. Still Be an Example to the World?

211. The Vote for Cambodia: Australia's Diplomatic Intervention

212. Thinking beyond Democracy and Freedom: A Post 9/11 War on Terrorism Scenario

213. The Role of Petitions in Strengthening Citizens’ Participation in Morocco: Stakes and Outcomes

214. Hirak and Feminism: An equation with two unknowns

215. Constitutional or Unconstitutional: Is That the Question?

216. Has Tunisia’s Democracy Failed to Convince its Youth? The Slow-Going of Democratic Socialization

217. Lebanon’s Student Movement: A New Political Player?

218. The “New Algeria” Parliament and the Illusion of Change from Within

219. Algeria: Independent Unions and the Stalled Democratic Transition

220. Europe and Covid-19: Never Waste a Good Crisis

221. The Arab Spring: A Decade Later

222. National Policy Space: Reframing the Political Economy of Globalization and Its Implications for National Sovereignty and Democracy

223. The Hong Kong National Security Law and its Implications for Middle Powers

224. Toxic Conflict: Understanding Venezuela's Economic Collapse

225. Paraguay's Compliance With The Inter-American Human Rights System

226. Biden and Belarus: A strategy for the new administration

227. Starr Forum: Myanmar and South Asia: Democratization, Authoritarianism, and Refugees

228. Why Summit Optics May Help De-escalate Public Appetite for Conflict

229. The Limits of Democracy

230. A Digital Social Contract That Safeguards Democracies and promotes Women's Rights Is Urgently Needed

231. Kishida’s Onerous Task After the General Election: The Promotion of Democracy in Domestic and World Politics

232. Democracy and the Challenges of Climate Change

233. Asia, Europe and Global Democracy: Beyond the Summit for Democracy

234. Strengthening the presidency, weakening democracy: A brief analysis of the Twentieth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka

235. Nepal’s Supreme Court Overturned PM K.P. Oli’s Decision to Dissolve Parliament

236. Myanmar Crisis Needs Concerted Democracy Support from Asian Middle Powers

237. Democratic Backsliding in India

238. Malaysia`s emergency ordinance and the clampdown on public discourse

239. Sri Lanka’s Prevention of Terrorism Act: An Anti-Minority Cudgel

240. Navigating Rough Water: Indonesia’s Approach to Domestic and Regional Conflicts

241. From the G7 to D10: The U.S.-China Competition and the Complexity of the Clash of Systems within the Multilateral Order

242. The Pandemic Situation in Myanmar is Getting Worse Under the Military Government

243. Anti-Asian Americanism and the 2020 Elections

244. An Emergence of Youth Participation in Malaysian Politics

245. Protecting Taiwan’s Democracy from China with US Support

246. The Implications of Korea’s Experience Supporting Democracy as a Global Narrative

247. The Implications of Korea’s Transitional Justice Experience

248. The Role of Korea’s Election Commission and the Quality of Elections

249. The “Scandinavian model” of military conscription: A formula for democratic defence forces in 21st century Europe?

250. Proceeding with Reform: Disclosing the reasons behind the Tunisian President’s decision to extend the exceptional measures

251. Mounting Interference: Will Washington push the Tunisian president into restoring the parliament?

252. Multiple gains: Saied’s Call for Changing the Tunisian Political System

253. A Possible Downfall: The implications of the mass resignations within the Ennahda movement in Tunisia

254. Democracy and Climate Change

255. Dr Richard Johnson on the Georgia Senate Election

256. Overcoming Challenges to Democracy and Lorem Ipsum Governance Programs in Dolor Sit Post-Conflict Countries

257. 30 Years Since the Collapse of the Soviet Union: Democracy, Community, and Russia

258. The Power of Law and Justice: The Contribution of Latvia to the Global Development and Defense of Democracy

259. Contemporary Challenges to Global Democracy

260. Absolutely Corrupted: The Rise of an Illiberal System and The Future of Hungarian Democracy

261. Academic Freedom: A Test and a Tool for Illiberalism, Neoliberalism, and Liberal Democracy

262. The Two Sources of the Illiberal Turn in Brazil

263. A Civil or Uncivil Civil Society?

264. Turning the Tide on Dirty Money

265. The Folly of a Democracy-based Grand Strategy

266. Promoting Sovereignty and Accountability in Iraq: Guidelines for the Biden Administration

267. A Strategy to Contain Hezbollah: Ideas and Recommendations

268. A New Start for the U.S. on Mideast Democracy and Human Rights

269. Preparing for Orderly Change in Jordan When the Time Comes

270. Seasoned Skeptics Why Syrian Kurds Have Resisted Political Islam

271. Power to the People? Scrutinizing the U.S.-Arab Effort to Supply Energy to Lebanon via Syria

272. Is Somaliland the Symbol of Democracy in the Horn of Africa?

273. Is Cameroon a Police State? All About the Use of Administrative Custody

274. E-Democracy In Africa: Issues, Challenges and Perspectives

275. Unconstitutional Populism: A Peril to Democracy In Sub-Saharan Africa?

276. Political Information Sharing through Facebook: A survey of Pakistani Netizens

277. The Relationship between Democracy and Economic Growth of Pakistan: A Cointegration Analysis

278. Movement for the Restoration of Democracy (MRD): Reflection and Resistance against Dictatorial Regime in Punjab

279. A Return to Constitutional Order and Democratic Governance in Chad: Is the African Union Not Crawling?

280. Mali and the Challenges of Democratic Rule: Implications for Continental Democracy

281. Zuma Goes to Jail: Implications for Rule of Law, Democracy, and Governance in South Africa

282. Political Reforms and Implications for Democracy and Instability in West Africa: The Way Forward for ECOWAS and Member States

283. Gadaa as an Alternative Understanding of Democracy in Africa

284. Rethinking South Sudan’s Path to Democracy

285. The changing nature and architecture of U.S. democracy assistance

286. Disillusionment with liberal democracy in the Visegrad countries

287. Democracy by Design: An Affirmative Response to the Illiberal Use of Technology for 2021

288. Intelligence Transparency and Foreign Threats to Elections: Responsibilities, Risks, and Recommendations

289. Combating Populism: A Toolkit for Liberal Democratic Actors

290. Elections and Democratic Deficits in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: A Commentary

291. Trust in Political Power and Government Institutions in Mozambique: 2014-2018

292. Detecting the Ideological Position of Political Islam Towards Liberal Democracy in Muslim Countries

293. Strengthened Civil Society and Effective Cooperation in Democratic Urban Governance


295. Global Governance in 2030: Prospective Scenarios on the Future of Politics

296. Panel on Presidential Candidates on Latin America

297. Taiwan's 2020 Elections

298. The State of Tunisia's Democratic Transition and the Power and Perils of Consensus Politics

299. Beyond a Single Model: Explaining Differences in Inequality within Latin America

300. A Glimpse of Freedom: Allied Occupation and Political Resistance in East Germany