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101. 2021 Civil Society Organizations Sustainability Index

102. The impact of the quota system on women parliamentary representation in Morocco: A series of reforms or a regressive path?

103. Why Elections Won’t Happen in Libya

104. Cooperation Between Municipalities and Civil Society for Local Democracy

105. India’s Political Parties

106. How Populism Dies: Political Weaknesses of Personalistic Plebiscitarian Leadership

107. U.S. Democracy Aid and the Conditional Effects of Donor Interests, Media Attention and Democratic Change, 1975-2010

108. When American progressives lose direction, an Israeli compass is needed

109. International Democracy Promotion in Times of Autocratization: From Supporting to Protecting Democracy

110. Conference on the Future of Europe: the complex implementation of high ambitions

111. What is President Putin so afraid of?

112. Only game in town? Inequality and demand for democracy in Africa – a micro perspective

113. Venezuela's 2024 Elections: Understanding Participation under Unfree and Unfair Conditions

114. Civics for Adults: A Guide for Civics Content Providers

115. The Importance of Democracy Promotion to Great Power Competition in Latin America and the Caribbean


117. Brazil: Five Phenomena and Three Scenarios

118. Consistent Partiality: US Foreign Policy on Palestine-Israel

119. From Development to Democracy: The Transformations of Modern Asia

120. Five Strategies to Support U.S. Democracy

121. Understanding and Responding to Global Democratic Backsliding

122. Democracy and Urban Political Culture in Spanish South America, 1810-1860

123. Democracy in the Middle East & North Africa

124. China's Contribution to the Stabilization of 'Democratic' Afghanistan

126. Reimagining the Future of Human Rights: Social Justice, Environmental Justice and Democracy in the Global South

127. “Youth Policy Papers” produced by Pal-Think’s Civic Education Corps

128. WeChat’s role in Australian democracy: A grassroots view

129. Lecture: The Evolution of the Civic Space in Modern African Democracy

130. Taiwan’s Local Elections: Defeat of the Ruling DPP Amidst Negative Campaigns

131. Sustaining Democratic Unity for Ukraine’s Victory and South Korea’s Roles in This

132. Russia’s Partial Mobilization: Issues Pertaining Russian Migrants in Mongolia

133. A Congruous Multilateral Security Framework? Searching for an Asian Democratic Partnerships

134. Elite Polarization in South Korea: Evidence from a Natural Language Processing Model

135. State of Minority Rights in Asia: Trends from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia and Thailand

136. Direct Democracy: Changing Contexts and Trends in Asia

137. Responding to the Looming Food Crisis and Managing Political Stability in Indonesia

138. The 2022 Israeli elections: Change, but no change

139. Vote for Free: A Global Guide for Citizen Monitoring of Campaign Finance

140. Guardrails for Democracy

141. Democracy, Demography, and the Future of the European Union

142. Fighting Gangs to Dismantle Democracy: How Anti-Crime Policies Have Contributed to the Authoritarian Drift in Central America

143. Iraq’s New Electoral Law: Old Powers Adapting to Change

144. After Sparking the Arab Spring, Is Tunisia Still a Success Story?

145. Tunisian Democracy 10 Years after the Revolution: A Tale of Two Experiences

146. The OSCE as Sisyphus: Mediation, Peace Operations, Human Rights

147. North Korea in Africa: Historical Solidarity, China’s Role, and Sanctions Evasion

148. Mobilization, Negotiation, and Transition in Burkina Faso

149. Toxic Conflict: Understanding Venezuela's Economic Collapse

150. Paraguay's Compliance With The Inter-American Human Rights System

151. Biden and Belarus: A strategy for the new administration

152. Starr Forum: Myanmar and South Asia: Democratization, Authoritarianism, and Refugees

153. Why Summit Optics May Help De-escalate Public Appetite for Conflict

154. Transatlantic Paralysis: The US-EU Trade Policy Stalemate and the European Union’s Democratic Deficit

155. The Carter-Baker Commission: 16 Years Later

156. The Chinese Political System

157. Public Administration in the era of Covid-19: Policy Responses and Reforms underway

158. Myanmar’s Military Struggles to Control the Virtual Battlefield

159. Majoritarian versus Proportional Representation Voting

160. The Other Europe

161. African Great Lakes Region: Governance and Politics

162. Democratic Backsliding in Poland on Example Drafts Amendments in Electoral Code During the COVID-19 Pandemic

163. Why Did Italian Democracy Become Vulnerable? Theorizing the Change from Neo- to Quasi-Militant Democracy

164. The Role of Islam in Indonesian Foreign Policy: A Case of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Introduction

165. The Round Table in 1989 – Consequences and Evaluation

166. Changing Dynamics of Pak-US Relations and the Challenge of Soft Power

167. Authoritarian protectionism in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe: diversity, commonality and resistance

168. Political Participation and Promotion of Democracy: Role of Civil Society Organizations in Jordan

169. How Do We Talk to Foreign Audiences After Trump’s Subversion?

170. Can the U.S. Still Be an Example to the World?

171. Digital Activism and Authoritarian Adaptation in the Middle East

172. Lgitimisation of Autocracy in Turkey and Russia through the Review of the Constitution

173. Genderizing of the Participation in the Decision-Making Process: The Electoral Quota and Female Leadership in Albania

174. Cross-Country Evidence on the Determinants of Preferences for Redistribution

175. How the United States Can Support Nascent Political Parties

176. Myanmar’s Generals Recoup: The recurrence of military-defined “disciplined democracy”

177. Trump's Attack on American Democracy: Towards a New Model of Electoral Manipulation in an Established Democratic Republic

178. The Geostrategic Interests of External Actors in Myanmar: A Struggle for Influence in a Country in Turmoil

179. Russia’s Nationalities Policy before and after the 2020 Constitutional Amendments: Is the “Ethnic Turn” Continuing?

180. The Belarusian Revolution of 2020: Afterword

181. Russian Duma Election 2021: Kremlin Supremacy Achieved Through Unprecedented Pressure and Fraud

182. What Europeans think about the US-China Cold War

183. Back from the brink: A better way for Europe to support Tunisia’s democratic transition

184. Back to democracy: Europe, Hamas, and the Palestinian elections

185. The evolution of US strategic priorities

186. Democracy in a Post-Covid World

187. The Vote for Cambodia: Australia's Diplomatic Intervention

188. Thinking beyond Democracy and Freedom: A Post 9/11 War on Terrorism Scenario

189. The Role of Petitions in Strengthening Citizens’ Participation in Morocco: Stakes and Outcomes

190. Hirak and Feminism: An equation with two unknowns

191. Constitutional or Unconstitutional: Is That the Question?

192. Has Tunisia’s Democracy Failed to Convince its Youth? The Slow-Going of Democratic Socialization

193. Lebanon’s Student Movement: A New Political Player?

194. The “New Algeria” Parliament and the Illusion of Change from Within

195. Algeria: Independent Unions and the Stalled Democratic Transition

196. Europe and Covid-19: Never Waste a Good Crisis

197. The Arab Spring: A Decade Later

198. National Policy Space: Reframing the Political Economy of Globalization and Its Implications for National Sovereignty and Democracy

199. The Hong Kong National Security Law and its Implications for Middle Powers

200. Economic Conditions and the Rise of Anti-Democratic Extremism