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1. Multidimensional Impact of COVID-19 on Education and Implications on Inclusive Recovery

2. “¡Viva la universidad, carajo!” Argentines March in Defense of Public Education

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5. Budget Brief: Samagra Shiksha

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7. Korea's Official Development Assistance to the Philippine Education Sector: Observations and Inputs

8. An Economic Mirage: How Canadian Universities Impact Freedom to Operate

9. Language and student learning: Evidence from an ethnographic study in Mozambique

10. Absolute or relative: perceptions of inequality among young adults in Mozambique

11. The future of women in India: Barriers, facilitators and opportunities

12. The Insurance Implications of Government Student Loan Repayment Schemes

13. The Effects of Differential Exposure to COVID-19 on Educational Outcomes in Guatemala

14. Leading with Resilience: COVID-19 Learnings

15. Spring 2023 Snapshot on International Educational Exchange

16. Korea Matters for America/America Matters for Korea (2023)

17. United Kingdom Engagement with North Korea

18. North Korea-Germany Relations: An Ambassador's Perspective of Diplomacy with Pyongyang

19. Japan Matters for America/America Matters for Japan (2023)



22. Internationalising Indian Education: Work Visas for Foreign Students

23. Chinese Military-Civil Fusion: Sino-Italian Research Cooperation

24. The Chinese Communist Party’s Campaign on University Campuses

25. Towards an Intersectional Feminist Development Policy for Germany

26. Teacher Attrition: Why do Public Teachers Leave?

27. Policy landscape 2023

28. Does the Skill Premium Influence Educational Decisions? Evidence from Viet Nam

29. Inequality in Chile: Perceptions and Patterns

30. CCP Ideological Indoctrination, Part 1: The PRC’s New “Patriotic Education Law”

31. Budget Brief: Pradhan Mantri Poshan Shakti Nirman

32. Colonel John Boyd's Thoughts on Disruption A Useful Effects Spiral from Uncertainty to Chaos

33. Displaced Ukrainians in European Labor Markets: Leveraging Innovations for More Inclusive Integration

34. What Role Can Immigration Play in Addressing Current and Future Labor Shortages?

35. Betting on Legality: Latin American and Caribbean Responses to the Venezuelan Displacement Crisis

36. The Fruits of Opportunism: The Making of the World’s Largest For-profit Education Industry in China

37. Scientific and Educational Life of Ukrainians in Bavaria

38. Kuwait Country Report 2022

39. Palestine Country Report 2021-2022

40. Barriers or catalysts? Traditional institutions and social mobility in rural India

41. The Insurance Implications of Government Student Loan Repayment Schemes

42. Skills or a degree? The rise of skills-based hiring for AI and green jobs

43. Intergenerational Mobility in Latin America: The Multiple Facets of Social Status and the Role of Mothers

44. Extended School Day and Teenage Fertility in Dominican Republic

45. MIT X TAU Series: Africa’s Innovation in Education

46. Universal Preschool: Lawmakers Should Approach with Caution

47. Spring 2022 Snapshot on International Educational Exchange

48. Professing Literature: The Example of Austin Warren

49. Civil Society & Political Transformations (Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy, Fall 2021)

50. Managing for Motivation as Public Performance Improvement Strategy in Education & Far Beyond