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151. Paradoxes of Protection: Compassionate Repression at the Mexico–Guatemala Border

152. An Overview and Critique of US Immigration and Asylum Policies in the Trump Era

153. Universal Representation: Systemic Benefits and the Path Ahead

154. Putting Americans First: A Statistical Case for Encouraging Rather than Impeding and Devaluing US Citizenship

155. DACA and the Supreme Court: How We Got to This Point, a Statistical Profile of Who Is Affected, and What the Future May Hold for DACA Beneficiaries

156. Electric Vehicle Charging in China and the United States

157. Interactions between a Federal Carbon Tax and Other Climate Policies

158. Transatlantic Sanctions Policy : From the 1982 Soviet Gas Pipeline Episode to Today

159. The Risk of Fiscal Collapse in Coal-Reliant Communities

160. PG&E: Market and Policy Perspectives on the First Climate Change Bankruptcy

161. China and economic sanctions: Where does Washington have leverage?

162. Economic Volatility in Oil Producing Regions: Impacts and Federal Policy Options

163. An Assessment of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

164. In Dire Straits? Implications of US-Iran Tensions for the Global Oil Market

165. Decarbonizing Space Heating with Air Source Heat Pumps

166. Change and Continuity in Japan-Russia Relations: Implications for the United States.

167. Propositions on Sino-American Trade Dispute: Some Helpful Ideas from Social Science

168. Future Crime: Assessing twenty first century crime prediction

169. The Gray Zone Issue: Implications for US-China Relations

170. China’s Growing Engagement in South Asia: Challenges for the US

171. Resolving The Korean Conflict

172. Exploring the Meaning of Indigenous Military Service during the Second World War in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States

173. Deterrence, Resilience and Hybrid Wars: The Case of Canada and NATO

174. Exploring the applications of U.S. Army leader development model in nonmilitary organizations: Implications for training

175. Military discourse patterns and the case of Effects-Based Operations

176. Nuclear Security, Arms Control and the U.S.-Russia Relationship

177. After Hanoi: Where do Trump and Kim Go from Here?

178. To Understand Iranian Foreign Policy, Look at Iran's Politics at Home

179. Supporting Prosperity and Competitiveness by Approving the New USMCA

180. The Art of Diplomacy

181. Reaching Georgia's Occupied Territories through Exchanges

182. American Sanctions and European Sovereignty

183. American Leadership and Grand Strategy in an Age of Complexity

184. U.S.-China Constructive Interaction in Latin America and the Caribbean

185. China in Latin America: Major Impacts and Avenues for Constructive Engagement

186. Exporting ‘Content’ in the Face of Indifference

187. The Dos and Don’ts of USG Humanitarian Reorganization

188. Downsizing Defense in Development: Unpacking DOD’s Development Assistance

189. Developing a More Inclusive US Trade Policy at Home and Abroad

190. Beyond Connectivity: How California Libraries Can Leverage Bandwidth to Advance Community Goals

191. Just the Facts: A Selected Annotated Bibliography to Support Evidence-Based Policymaking on Women, Peace and Security

192. Women’s Participation and the Fate of Nonviolent Campaigns: A Report on the Women in Resistance (Wire) Data Set

193. Seizing the Moment? The U.S. Strategy for Women, Peace and Security

194. If You Want Improved Security Outcomes You Have Tools

195. US Leadership on Women and Foreign Policy: Recommendations for the 116th Congress

196. The United States Foreign Policy Towards ChinA: Invalidity of Convergence and Integration in Facing an XXI Century China

197. Deter and Normalize Relations with North Korea

198. Women of the Alt-Right: An Intersectional Study of Far-Right Extremism, Gender, & Identity in the United States

199. Fall 2019 edition of Strategic Visions

200. Spring 2019 edition of Strategic Visions