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1. Facing Pressure: Iran executes former Defence Minister

2. Welfare losses, preferences for redistribution, and political participation: Evidence from the United Kingdom’s age of austerity

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7. External Processing: A Tool to Expand Protection or Further Restrict Territorial Asylum?

8. The Technology Policies of Digital Middle Powers

9. Rebooting the Entente: An Agenda for Renewed UK-France Defense Cooperation

10. Fossil Fuel Industry Phase-Out and Just Transition: Designing Policies to Protect Workers’ Living Standards

11. The Political Economy of the Cost of Living Crisis in the UK: What Is to Be Done?

12. Monitoring Progress on the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

13. United Kingdom Engagement with North Korea

14. The Case for Cooperation: The Future of the U.S.-UK Intelligence Alliance

15. Are the effects of terrorism short-lived?

16. Time for Fresh Thinking on Northern Ireland and Brexit

17. The UK's First Comprehensive Space Strategy

18. AUKUS A Look Back at The First Analyses

19. A Reliable Global Cyber Power: Cyberspace and Germany’s National Security Strategy

20. UK Must Engage with Argentina Over Future of Falkland Islands

21. Sign of the Times: How the United Kingdom’s Integrated Review Affects Relations with Africa

22. What Next after the Death of Queen Elizabeth II?

23. Germany and the UK: Perspectives for Deepening the Bilateral Dialogue on Development Policy


25. France and AUKUS: Bouncing Back to Live Up to Pacific Challenges

26. Pari Passu Lost and Found: The Origins of Sovereign Bankruptcy 1798-1873

27. Separating electricity from gas prices through Green Power Pools: Design options and evolution

28. Mirroring its British masters: state and outsourced terrorism against the Maoist insurgency

29. NATO Should Defend Europe, Not Pivot to Asia

30. El Papel de un Reino Unido Post-brexit y su Nuevo Rol en el Africa Subsahariana

31. África: Competencia y sustitución en un entorno estratégico de rivalidad. Introducción al número especial

32. Post-Brexit EU–UK cooperation on migration and asylum: How to live apart, together

33. Understanding the Red Wall: Politics and identity in the new electoral battlegrounds

34. British politics after Brexit

35. Constitution and Governance in the UK

36. UK-EU regulatory divergence tracker: third edition

37. Post-Brexit imports, supply chains, and the effect on consumer prices

38. The state of the European Union

39. UK-EU regulatory divergence tracker: fourth edition

40. The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill: context and consequences

41. UK-EU regulatory divergence tracker: fifth edition

42. Levelling up: what England thinks

43. A beginner’s guide to the European Union

44. Manufacturing after Brexit

45. Doing things differently? Policy after Brexit

46. An EU border across Britain: Scotland’s borders after independence

47. Estimating the UK's Return on Investment from an Ambitious Program to Incentivize New Antibiotics

48. Understanding the Cost-Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccination in Nigeria

49. European Security Management at the National Level. A Comparative Analysis of Strategies for the Development of Defence Capability in the United Kingdom and Poland

50. Why the Ukraine crisis should push the UK and EU into a tighter embrace on security policy