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1. Inequality in Chile: Perceptions and Patterns

2. Education as an Opportunity for Integration: Assessing Colombia, Peru, and Chile's Educational Responses to the Venezuelan Migration Crisis

3. The Short-Term Labor Market Impact of Venezuelan Immigration in Peru

4. A decomposition method to evaluate the ‘paradox of progress’ with evidence for Argentina

5. CoronaShock and Education in Brazil: One and a Half Years Later

6. The Effectiveness of School Closures and Other Pre-Lockdown COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies in Argentina, Italy, and South Korea

7. Measuring Collective Impact: Creating a Framework for Assessing Multiple Peacebuilding Projects in Colombia


9. NERINT/UFRGS: 20 Years Analyzing International Relations

10. Inequality in Brazil: Inclusive growth trend of this millennium is over

11. The Geography of Intergenerational Mobility: Evidence of Educational Persistence and the "Great Gatsby Curve" in Brazil

12. The Political Economy of Testing in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa

13. Assessing Budget Credibility: Paraguay Food Program for School (PAEP)

14. Integral Human Development Through the Lens of Sen’s Capability Approach and the Life of a Faith Community at the Latin American Urban Margins

15. Earnings inequality in the Brazilian formal sector: The role of firms, education, and top incomes 1994–2015

16. Human Rights, Democracy, and Ethics at the Forefront of Education of Public Security Forces in the Western Hemisphere: The WHINSEC Experience​

17. Paraguay: Educación y Objetivos del Milenio Principales resultados

18. El Paraguay de hoy: Una mirada al campo

19. Understanding the Links Between Sexual and Reproductive Health Status and Poverty Reduction

20. Gasto Social en Paraguay: una mirada detallada al periodo 2002/2010

21. Did the Mexican Revolution Change the Privilees of The Elite or Not? The Relationship between the Government and the Media

22. Performance-Based Incentives for Health: Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean - Working Paper 120

23. Reflections on the Macro Foundations of the Middle Class in the Developing World