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401. Big Sellers: Exploring the Scale and Risk of National Oil Company Sales

402. Lessons for Generating Government Revenue for New and Prospective Liquefied Natural Gas Producers

403. Security Forces’ Strategies of Resistance to Transitional Justice

404. A Human Rights Approach to Conflict Resolution

405. The changing face of environmental governance in the Brazilian Amazon: indigenous and traditional peoples promoting norm diffusion

406. Global climate adaptation governance in the Amazon through a polycentricity lens

407. Climate governance and International Civil Aviation: Brazil's policy profile

408. Brazilian energy-related climate (in)action and the challenge of deep decarbonization

409. Venezuela: A Test Case for Russia and the US

410. Venezuela’s Presidential Crisis and the Transition to Democracy

411. Elections, Crisis, and What to Expect in the Year Ahead

412. A Preliminary Assessment of Argentina’s Accession to the OECD

413. Identifying and Responding to Criminal Threats from Venezuela

414. Suriname at a Crossroads

415. Are Sanctions Working in Venezuela?

416. U.S. Complicity in the 2014 Coup in Kiev as a Violation of International Law

417. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Economics of Defense

418. Play to Win: Sticking to a Playbook in the Competition with Russia

419. Deriving a Solution to Venezuela: Civil-Military Relations Can Help

420. Global Perspectives on Humanitarianism: When human welfare meets the political and security agendas

421. Latin America's Evolving Migration Crisis: Venezuelans flee accelerating collapse

422. Possible Repercussions: Why is Iran Interested in the Venezuelan Crisis?

423. A Politics of Hope The Making of Brazil’s Post-Neoliberal New Middle Class

424. Peace in Venezuela: Is There Life after the Barbados Talks?

425. Containing the Border Fallout of Colombia’s New Guerrilla Schism

426. Humanitarian Reality in Columbia: Saving Lives and Safeguarding the Future of Peace

427. Stormclouds and Solutions: Anticipating and Preparing for Climate Change and Security Risks in the Caribbean

428. Defending Democracy and Human Rights in the Western Hemisphere

429. The Venezuelan Crisis and Salvador Allende's Glasses

430. The Evolution of the Most Lethal Criminal Organization in Brazil—the PCC

431. Security Challenges of the New Colombian Administration

432. A Specter is Haunting the West (?): The BRICS and the Future of Global Governance

433. Regionalism and Security: The Case of Mercosur and the Absence of Defense Issues

434. NERINT/UFRGS: 20 Years Analyzing International Relations

435. Comparative Nuclear Policy: A Case Study of U.S. Impact on India and Brazil Programs (1946-2018)

436. Behind the Myth of the National Bourgeoisie: A Comparative Analysis of the Developmentalist State in Brazil and South Korea

437. Inequality in Brazil: Inclusive growth trend of this millennium is over

438. Assessing Budget Credibility: Paraguay Food Program for School (PAEP)

439. The Informal Competitor Next Door: The Business Impact on Formal Enterprises in the Metropolitan Region of Paraguay.

440. Entendiendo el Presupuesto General de la Nación

441. Paraguay: La paradoja de un país que crece con hambre

442. Peace, Neoliberalism, and Political Shifts in Colombia

443. Latin America and the Caribbean: Between the Neoliberal Offensive and New Resistances

444. Venezuela and Hybrid Wars in Latin America

445. Brazil’s Amazon: The Wealth of the Earth Generates the Poverty of Humankind