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1. Retain, Restructure, or Divest? Policy Options for Egypt’s Military Economy

2. Throwing Down the Gauntlet: What the IMF Can Do About Egypt’s Military Companies

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8. The Forgotten Crises in the Gulf: Electricity and Water in Iran and Iraq

9. Cooperation or Coercion? The Views of US Opinion Leaders on Foreign Policy Approaches

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11. Moscow's Central Role: Have the Rules of Engagement Changed in Syria after the recent Israeli Strikes?

12. Lebanon’s Financial Meltdown and the Prospects for Recovery

13. Kidnapping and Extortion in Regime-Controlled Syria

14. Investing in Jordan Through Support for Social Enterprises

15. After Sparking the Arab Spring, Is Tunisia Still a Success Story?

16. Israel's Relations with Arab Countries: The Unfulfilled Potential

17. The First Months of Israel-UAE Peace: Israel’s Perspective on the Abraham Accords

18. Prospects for the Reconstruction of Lebanon

19. Turkey: The European Union’s Adversarial Partner

20. Policy Paper: The impact of the Corona crisis on the economic sectors in the Gaza Strip

21. Turkey’s African adventure: Taking stock of a new chapter in EU-Turkey relations

22. The Netanyahu Doctrine: A paradigm shift in the State of Israel's foreign policy/La Doctrina Netanyahu: Un Cambio de Paradigma en la Política Exterior del Estado de Israel

23. The Measurement of The Students’ Attitudes Regarding Tax Consciousness: A Case Study

24. Reassessing Russian Capabilities in the Levant and North Africa

25. Whither the Arabs: The end of the welfare state and the start of a journey into the unknown

26. Ukraine’s Policy Towards Turkey

27. Perspectives on the future of Idlib

28. Coronavirus and the Middle East

29. China’s Response to the Killing of Soleimani

30. Analysis of the Turkish Services Industry and Korea-Turkey Cooperation

31. The Interests of Eastern Mediterranean States and Israeli Policies

32. Israel and Qatar: Relations Nurtured by the Palestinian Issue

33. Israel-Morocco Cooperation in 2019: Warming from the Bottom Up

34. Professionalizing the Iraqi Army: US Engagement after the Islamic State

35. United G20 must pave the way for robust post-COVID-19 recovery

36. Trump’s JCPOA withdrawal two years on: Maximum pressure, minimum outcomes

37. Sudan’s Predicament and the Israeli Connection

38. Coronavirus, Oil and the Middle East

39. The Boomerang Effect: How Syria brought down Lebanon, which is bringing down Syria

40. Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria: sinking together?

41. The Coronavirus in the Middle East: State and Society in a Time of Crisis

42. The Erdogan Doctrine: Turkey’s regional strategy

43. Israel and the UAE: Old New Friends

44. Sanctions by the Numbers: Spotlight on Iran

45. Framing Russia’s Mediterranean Return: Stages, Roots and Logics

46. The Lebanese Crisis and the Mirage of Natural Gas

47. Lebanon as a Test Case for the EU’s Logic of Governmentality in Refugee Challenges

48. Special Commentary: Scenarios for a Post-COVID Middle East

49. The Creeping Threat of Climate Change

50. Searching for a Way Forward in Lebanon