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1. Fighting for Sustainable Solutions and Greener Governance in India

2. A Greener Pathway Ahead: Harnessing the Power of Collaboration and Conflict to Tackle Climate Change in Pakistan and India

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9. Tangled Wires: Preparing India’s Power Sector for the Clean Energy Transition

10. Sustainable Energy through Green bonds in India

11. Sustainable Energy through Green Bonds in India

12. Three Ways to Explore the BRICS (Possible) Impact on the Future Global Order

13. The Just Transition in Energy

14. Delhi Green Deal

15. State-led Responses to the Indian Energy Challenge: Infrastructure Expenditure, Central Public Sector Enterprises and Electrification

16. New Powers: How India’s Smart Cities are Governing and Transitioning to Low-carbon Energy

17. The Methane Economy

18. Fuel Subsidy Reform and Green Taxes: Can Digital Technologies Improve State Capacity and Effectiveness?

19. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Great Power Competition

20. A Specter is Haunting the West (?): The BRICS and the Future of Global Governance

21. A Dialogue of Rivers: The River & I

22. The Neoliberal Attack on Rural India

23. Gender and Energy approaches by BASIC countries

24. Integrating Urban Development and Climate Objectives: Insights from Coimbatore

25. Plugging In Energy Demand in Indian Residences

26. Food Security: Understanding Pakistan’s National Security Concerns

27. The Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification Mechanisms for Developing Countries under the UNFCCC: an analysis of the BASIC countries Biennial Update Reports

28. India: Policy Implications for the United States

29. Renewable Energy in India: An Analysis of the Regulatory Environment and Evolving Policy Trends

30. Penalising Environmental Violations: An Analysis of The Ministry’s Proposal

31. India: Meeting Energy Needs for Development While Addressing Climate Change

32. Could the G-20 Become Coherent on Climate?

33. Wandering decarbonization: the BRIC countries as conservative climate powers

34. Elaborating in the INDC context

35. The Institutionalisation of Climate Policy in India: Designing a Development-Focused, Co-Benefits Based Approach

36. India’s Sustainable Development Led Approach to Climate Mitigation for Paris

37. British Foreign Policy in an Unequal World

38. Climate Shocks, Food and Nutrition Security: Evidence from the Young Lives cohort study

39. Identifying Options for a New International Climate Regime Arising from the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action

40. Assessing EU Leadership on Climate Change. The Limits of Diffusion in EU Relations with China and India

41. India's Turn in Climate Policy: Assessing the Interplay of Domestic and International Policy Change

42. Water Insecurity: A Threat for Pakistan and India

43. The Arctic and Natural Gas in Northeast Asia’s Energy Future

44. BRICS, Energy and the New World Order

45. China and India: More Cooperation than competition in Energy and Climate Change

46. Global Energy Markets in a Time of Political Change

47. Japan's alliance diversification: a comparative analysis of the Indian and Australian strategic partnerships

48. Who Drives Change? Comparing the Evolution of Domestic Climate Governance in India and South Africa

49. Environmental diplomacy: Saving the Sundarbans and restoring the India-Bangladesh relationship

50. The EU and the global climate regime: Getting back in the game

51. The Political Economy of India's Climate Agenda

52. Understanding India's Climate Agenda

53. Where was united Africa in the climate change negotiations?

54. Strengthening ASEAN-India Relations in the 21st Century

55. Venture Capital Investment in the Greentech Industries: A Provocative Essay

56. Options for Reforming the Clean Development Mechanism

57. Tourism in the Developing World

58. Manmohan Singh Visits Washington: Sustaining U.S.–Indian Cooperation Amid Differences

59. It\'s One Climate Policy World Out There—Almost

60. Can Global De-Carbonization Inhibit Developing-Country Industrialization?

61. Towards a new climate regime? Views of China, India, Japan, Russia and the United States in the road to Copenhagen

62. The Dead Souls: How to deal with the Russian surplus?

63. Preventing the Tragedy of the CO2 Commons: Exploring China's Growth and the International Climate Framework