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141. Decentralised finance: good technology, bad finance

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149. Global Inequality in Well‐​Being Has Decreased across Many Dimensions: Introducing the Inequality of Human Progress Index

150. Skilled Immigration, Task Allocation, and the Innovation of Firms

151. Self‐​Service Bans and Gasoline Prices: The Effect of Allowing Consumers to Pump Their Own Gas

152. Chips, subsidies, security, and great power competition

153. Redressing environmental harm? A 'corporate sovereignty' problem

154. Emergent Agency in a Time of COVID-19: Research report

155. From Stunt to Substance: An assessment of IMF engagement with civil society

156. Small States and the War in Ukraine

157. West Vs. Non-West: A New Cold War?

158. Military recruitment and conscription in the 21st century

159. No end in sight to the global sprint towards digital sovereignty in 2023 (and beyond)

160. Facing the next public health emergency: How do we know how (un)prepared we are?