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81. Structural transformation and international trade: Evidence from the China shock

82. Digital de-industrialization, global value chains, and structural transformation: Empirical evidence from low- and middle-income countries

83. Sanction-busting through tax havens

84. More information, better knowledge? The effects of information campaigns on aid beneficiaries’ knowledge of aid projects

85. Armed group opportunism in the face of recent crises: COVID-19 and climate change

86. Assessment of institutional set-up of results measurement and reporting systems for non-sovereign operations in development finance institutions

87. Building resilience knowledge for sustainable development: Insights from development studies

88. Gender and poverty as a feminist foreign policy priority

89. Energy investment in a time of inflation

90. The impacts on the change of training architecture for UN Peacekeeping Operations in Brazil

91. Navigating R2P Between Norm and Practice

92. Democratizing International Relations

93. Political Analysis of the Purchase and technology Transfer Process for Gropen Fighters

94. The East Mediterranean Gas Forum: Convergence of Regional and Energy Security Concerns

95. Enhancing the Benefits of Human Mobility through Development Interventions

96. Crossing the Divide: Rural to Urban Migration in Developing Countries

97. State Upgrading in Global Value Chains and Production Networks: A Conceptual Note

98. Climate Change Mitigation for Late Industrialisers: The Role of Technology Intensity in Manufacturing

99. Centralization in National High-Performance Sports Systems: Reasons, Processes, Dimensions, Characteristics, and Open Questions

100. Businesses, EU Strengthening International Supply Chains