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61. Social Media, Mass Atrocities, and Atrocity Prevention: 2023 Sudikoff Interdisciplinary Seminar on Genocide Prevention

62. Catch-up and Leapfrog Strategies for Developing Countries: Making a Case for a Social Spring

63. Covid-19 Crisis and Shifts in the Corporate Competitive Landscape: Comparisons with Previous Economic Crises

64. Analysis on the Determinants of Labor Share and Its Policy Implications

65. Using Risk Analysis to Shape Border Management: A Review of Approaches during the COVID-19 Pandemic

66. External Processing: A Tool to Expand Protection or Further Restrict Territorial Asylum?


68. Mitigating Global Fragmentation in Digital Trade Governance: A Case Study

69. Building Trust in AI: A Landscape Analysis of Government AI Programs

70. Could a Global “Wicked Problems Agency” Incentivize Data Sharing?

71. Why Does the Global Spyware Industry Continue to Thrive? Trends, Explanations, and Responses

72. Phase-based Tactical Analysis of Online Operations

73. ACLED Year in Review Global Disorder in 2022

74. Collective screening

75. Can the World Trade Organization be saved? Should it?

76. The international tax agreement of 2021: Why it’s needed, what it does, and what comes next?

77. Multilateral development banks are key to unlocking low-carbon investments in developing economies

78. Carbon border adjustments, climate clubs, and subsidy races when climate policies vary

79. Saving the WTO from the national security exception

80. Non-economic loss and damage: closing the knowledge gap