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5341. Legal Survey 2006 - With the governments in our bedrooms

5342. Stadium Architecture and regional economic development: International experience and the plans of Durban

5343. Why Do Islamist Groups Become Transnational and Violent?

5344. Deterring Cyber War: A U.S.-Led Cybersecurity Summit

5345. Public-Private Partnerships for Development: A Handbook for Business

5346. Reducing Global Poverty: Encouraging Private Investment in Infrastructure

5347. Security Matters

5348. The Geneva Conventions and New Wars

5349. Analysis of International Patent Protection and Global Public Health

5350. Looking for Facts in the GATS Attack: Impacts on Social Service Sovereignty

5351. Mother and Child: A Multi-Determinant Model for Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes in Urban, Low-Income Communities and the Effectiveness of Prenatal Care and Other Interventions

5352. Turning Pirates Into Proprietors: How and Why to Make Software Intellectual Property Work in Developing Countries

5353. On the Influence of World Religions on International Trade

5354. Creating a Policy Environment for Entrepreneurs

5355. Economic Freedom and Development: New Calculations and Interpretations

5356. Regulation, Investment, and Growth across Countries

5357. The Case for Market‐​Based Regulation

5358. Science, Public Policy, and Global Warming: Rethinking the Market‐​Liberal Position

5359. Liquidity Shocks and the Dollarization of a Banking System

5360. Welfare Gains from Optimal Policies in a Partially Dollarized Economy