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5321. Trends in Competitive Balance: Is there Evidence for Growing Imbalance in Professional Sport Leagues?

5322. To aid or not to aid: Foreign aid and producity in cross-country regressions

5323. An Action Agenda for Enhancing the United Nations Program on Counter-Terrorism

5324. Tough Policies, Incredible Policies

5325. Monetary Policy and the Currency Denomination of Debt: A Tale of Two Equilibria

5326. Why is There No AIDS Vaccine?

5327. Sustainability Values, Attitudes, and Behaviors: A Review of Multi-national and Global Trends

5328. Corporate Crime in a Globalized Economy: An Examination of the Corporate Legal Conundrum and Positive Prospects for Peace

5329. Complex Emergencies and Human Development: A Quantitative Analysis of Their Relationship

5330. CERI: For a theory of nationalism

5331. Sovereignty and the Politics of Identity in International Relations

5332. Reputation and War: Explaining the Intractability of Territorial Conflict

5333. Promoting U.S. Economic Growth and Security Through Expanding World Trade: A Call for Bold American Leadership

5334. Reducing Global Poverty: The Role of Women in Development

5335. Reducing Global Poverty: Engaging the Global Enterprise

5336. Micro-Economic Approaches to Evaluating the Burden of Malaria

5337. Politics and Passions: the Stakes of Democracy

5338. Does Conflict Beget Conflict? Explaining Recurrent Civil War

5339. Institutions, Geography, Regions, Countries and the Mobility Bias

5340. Impact of Patents on Access to HIV/AIDS Drugs in Developing Countries