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1. Grounding Women’s Land Rights: Towards equity and climate justice

2. Leaving No One Behind: A green bargain for people and planet

3. Global IR Research Programme: From Perplexities to Progressions

4. Are We There Yet? A Global Investigation of Knowledge Inclusion in International Relations Theory Curricula

5. Before the West: The Rise and Fall of Eastern World Orders

6. Disentangling Government Responses: How Do We Know When Accountability Work Is Gaining Traction?

7. The Invisible Leverage of the Top 1 Percent: Absentee Debtors and Their Hedge Funds

8. Good Intentions, Better Outcomes: Shifting the Debate About Social Protection and Informality

9. IMF Standby Agreements and Inequality: The Role of Informality

10. Transnational Cooperation -- An Explorative Collection

11. Greening Economies in Partner Countries: Priorities for International Cooperation

12. Social Contract and Social Cohesion: Synergies and Tensions between Two Related Concepts

13. Tomorrow’s Global Development Landscape: Mapping Trends and Reform Dynamics

14. Constellations of State Fragility: Improving International Cooperation through Analytical Differentiation

15. State Fragility and Development Cooperation: Putting the Empirics to Use in Policy and Planning

16. Getting Special Drawing Rights Right: Opportunities for Re-channelling SDRs to Vulnerable Countries

17. Some little-known effects of global warming

18. Climate Change, Response, and Mass Atrocities

19. The Mobility Key: Realizing the Potential of Refugee Travel Documents

20. Leaving No One Behind: Inclusive Fintech for Remittances

21. Emerging Technologies and Terrorism: An American Perspective

22. From tick box to turning point: Getting accountability right for improved humanitarian action

23. Neither Settler Nor Native:The Making and Unmaking of Permanent Minorities with Mahmood Mamdani

24. Free and Open Spaces: Small and Medium-Sized Nations Can Reshape the Modern World

25. Carbons of War: The Environmental Impact of Military Activity in Conflict and Peace

26. The Battle for Green Supremacy: Carbon Markets, Artificial Intelligence, and the Problem of Climate Finance

27. War, Peace, and Law

28. What Is Public Diplomacy? Fostering Cooperation, Countering Disinformation

29. Foreign Interference Online: Where Disinformation Infringes on Freedom of Thought

30. Conceptualizing Global Governance of AI

31. The Climate Policy Crisis: Governing Disinformation in the Digital Age

32. Data Disquiet: Concerns about the Governance of Data for Generative AI

33. New Logics for Governing Human Discourse in the Online Era

34. Breaking Barriers: The Link between Stronger IPRs and Trade in Services

35. State Intervention in the Public and Private Spheres in Times of Crisis: Covid-19 Pandemic

36. How the International Investment Law Regime Undermines Access to Justice for Investment-Affected Stakeholders

37. Harms from Concentrated Industries: A Primer

38. The Advisory Function of the International Court of Justice: Are States Resorting to Advisory Proceedings as a “Soft” Litigation Strategy?

39. Exploring Law Enforcement Hacking as a Tool Against Transnational Cyber Crime

40. Red herrings: A model of attention-hijacking by politicians

41. Mapping exile: Bridging knowledge and advocating for scholars at risk

42. MIT reflects on COP28

43. Mercosur and Environment: progress in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda

44. Simulations of the United Nations Veto Initiative: Process, Documents, and Prospects for Reform

45. Restructuring sovereign debt: The need for a coordinated framework

46. The El Niño Southern Oscillation and Geopolitical Risk

47. How to create decent work for women: Policy lessons for low- and middle-income countries

48. The flaws in project-based carbon credit trading and the need for jurisdictional alternatives

49. Introduction: Marxifying IR, IRifying Marxism

50. Quo Vadis, Historical International Relations? Geopolitical Marxism and the Promise of Radical Historicism