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1. Why Does the Global Spyware Industry Continue to Thrive? Trends, Explanations, and Responses

2. Democratizing International Relations


4. Protecting Democracy Online in 2024 and Beyond

5. Cities as global actors: Bringing governance closer to the people

6. Political Communication in (Post)Conflict Societies. The case of Kosovo

7. Transatlantic Trends 2023: Public Opinion in a Shifting Global Order

8. An Economic Defense of Multiple Antitrust Goals: Reversing Income Inequality and Promoting Political Democracy

9. AI Startups and the Fight Against Mis/Disinformation Online: An Update

10. AI Audit-Washing and Accountability

11. Aid’s impact on democracy

12. How Populism Dies: Political Weaknesses of Personalistic Plebiscitarian Leadership

13. U.S. Democracy Aid and the Conditional Effects of Donor Interests, Media Attention and Democratic Change, 1975-2010

14. People or Technology: What Drives Democracy

15. AI Challenging Sovereignty and Democracy

16. Democratizing AI

17. Increasing the Success and Sustainability of Democracy and Governance Interventions in Post-conflict Countries

18. Competition between Democracy and Autocracy: The Defining Challenge of the 21st Century

19. Government Internet Shutdowns Are Changing. How Should Citizens and Democracies Respond?

20. International Democracy Promotion in Times of Autocratization: From Supporting to Protecting Democracy

21. Understanding and Responding to Global Democratic Backsliding

22. Vote for Free: A Global Guide for Citizen Monitoring of Campaign Finance

23. Guardrails for Democracy

24. Tecnología y desigualdad: la gobernanza tecnológica como nuevo paradigma de la seguridad internacional

25. Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism

26. The Digital Technology Agenda at the Summit for Democracy

27. What Is So Foreign About Foreign Influence Operations?

28. How Middle-Power Democracies Can Help Renovate Global Democracy Support

29. Restoring Trust in the Think Tank Sector

30. Paraguay's Compliance With The Inter-American Human Rights System

31. Why Summit Optics May Help De-escalate Public Appetite for Conflict

32. Can the U.S. Still Be an Example to the World?

33. Cross-Country Evidence on the Determinants of Preferences for Redistribution

34. How the United States Can Support Nascent Political Parties

35. Democracy in a Post-Covid World

36. The Limits of Democracy

37. A Digital Social Contract That Safeguards Democracies and promotes Women's Rights Is Urgently Needed

38. Democracy and the Challenges of Climate Change

39. Overcoming Challenges to Democracy and Lorem Ipsum Governance Programs in Dolor Sit Post-Conflict Countries

40. Thinking beyond Democracy and Freedom: A Post 9/11 War on Terrorism Scenario

41. National Policy Space: Reframing the Political Economy of Globalization and Its Implications for National Sovereignty and Democracy

42. Contemporary Challenges to Global Democracy

43. A Civil or Uncivil Civil Society?

44. Turning the Tide on Dirty Money

45. Protecting Democracy: The Relevance of International Democracy Promotion for Term Limits

46. Global Governance in 2030: Prospective Scenarios on the Future of Politics

47. The End of History Revisited

48. 30 Years of World Politics: What Has Changed?

49. Democracy and Prosperity: Reinventing Capitalism through a Turbulent Century, Torben Iversen and David Soskice

50. How Democracy Ends, David Runciman

51. Russia: an increasingly repressive autocracy seeking a place on the UN Human Rights Council

52. BTI and Cuba: the State of democratic denial

53. How ‘demos’ met ‘cracy’: debt, inequality, money

54. Effects of US Foreign Assistance on Democracy Building, 1990–2014: An Update

55. From Industrial Citizenship to Private Ordering? Contract, Status, and the Question of Consent.

56. War on the virus: Military responses to COVID-19

57. OFES COVID-19 Brefing Series: Preventing Government Corruption in Crises

58. IFES Helps Shape UN's International Anti-corruption Agenda

59. Emergency Powers, COVID-19 and the New Challenge for Human Rights

60. Fragile States Index 2020

61. The changing nature and architecture of U.S. democracy assistance

62. Democracy by Design: An Affirmative Response to the Illiberal Use of Technology for 2021

63. Detecting the Ideological Position of Political Islam Towards Liberal Democracy in Muslim Countries

64. Political Trust vs. Turnout in Modern Democracies

65. Linking Values and Strategy: How Democracies Can Offset Autocratic Advances

66. Theories of Democratic Change Phase III: Transitions from Conflict

67. Contested Issues Surrounding Populism in Public and Academic Debates

68. Is China Challenging the Global State of Democracy?

69. Can International Organisations Be Democratic? A Reassessment

70. What Drives Religious Politicking?

71. Tyrannies of Majorities: A Conceptual Reassessment

72. Polarization versus Democracy

73. Populism and the Decline of Social Democracy

74. The role of democracy and human rights adherence in NATO enlargement decisions

75. Digital Democracy

76. Buying Them Off or Scaring Them Straight: Explaining Warlord Democrats’ Electoral Rhetoric

77. Saving Democracy Abroad

78. Rebooting the Innovation Agenda

79. A Guide to Election Observer Policies in the United States

80. Transatlantic Air Power and What to Do Now: Key to Deterrence, Key to Collective Defense

81. Democracy: The Keystone of our Society

82. Revitalizing Democracy Assistance To Counter Threats To Democratization

83. The Ukraine Whistleblowers and the Rise of Partisan Whistleblowing

84. The Demographic Transition Theory of War: Why Young Societies Are Conflict Prone and Old Societies Are the Most Peaceful

85. Fragile States Index 2019

86. A Few Problems with Mouffe’s Agonistic Political Theory

87. Coping with the “Nimby Syndrome”: Political issues related to the building of big infrastructures in liberal democracy countries

88. Global Development: Democracy, Market and Transparency 2012: Editor's note

89. People & Power - Disinformation and Democracy | People and Power

90. Civil Society and Civil War Onset: 
What is the Relationship?

91. The Undemocratic Dilemma

92. Democracy’s “Near Misses”

93. When Civil Resistance Succeeds: Building Democracy After Popular Nonviolent Uprisings

94. Democracy’s Crisis: On the Political Contradictions of Financialized Capitalism

95. Abuse of State Resources Research and Assessment Framework

96. Shoring Up a Democracy Under Siege

97. oiip Podcast with Megan Bastick

98. Rising to the Populist Challenge: A new Playbook for Human Rights Actors

99. Fragile States Index 2018 – Annual Report

100. The Rise of Transnational Democracy and Its Effect on the International Legal Order