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4851. Chasing After the Frontier in Agricultural Productivity

4852. Avertive expenditures, endogenous quality perception, and the demand for non-market goods: An instrumental variable approach

4853. 2015 Global Peace Index

4854. Peace and Corruption

4855. Wreckage and Recovery: Exploring the Nature of Nature

4856. Fragile States Index 2015 – Annual Report

4857. State-Sponsored Homophobia (2015)

4858. Financialization Is Marketization! A Study on the Respective Impact of Various Dimensions of Financialization on the Increase in Global Inequality

4859. Parliamentary Briefing: Fiscal Regimes

4860. More Than Words: Apologies as a Form of Reparation

4861. Education and Transitional Justice: Opportunities and Challenges for Peacebuilding

4862. The Disappeared and Invisible: Revealing the Enduring Impact of Enforced Disappearance on Women

4863. Advancing Women’s Agency in Conflict Settings through Health Work: A Comparative Evaluation of the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation and the Panzi Foundation

4864. Women and Climate Change: Impact and Agency in Human Rights, Security, and Economic Development

4865. Wine as a Cultural Product: Symbolic Capital and Price Formation in the Wine Field.

4866. Capitalist Dynamics: Fictional Expectations and the Openness of the Future.

4867. Post-2015 Means of Implementation: What Sort of Global Partnership?

4868. American Views of the United Nations

4869. Americans Say Threat of Terrorism at Lowest Level in Twenty Years

4870. Ensuring the Iran Negotiations Do Not Promote the Spread of Nuclear Weapons

4871. Preventing Iranian Nuclear Weapons—Beyond the “Comprehensive Solution”

4872. Policy Perspective: India’s curious stand at WTO

4873. Green Financing - International Panorama

4874. Reinsurance in Brazil: the challenges and opportunities of the opening of the market

4875. Pathways to 'The future we want': financing mitigation and adaptation

4876. Pathways to 'The future we want': socio-environmental indicators

4877. Las armas biológicas. Perspectivas de futuro

4878. Taking Control: Pathways to Drug Policies That Work

4879. 2013-2014 Global Resources Report: Philanthropic and Government Support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex Communities

4880. New Media Solutions in Nonproliferation and Arms Control: Opportunities and Challenges

4881. Alternatives to High-Risk Radiological Sources

4882. Engaging with Fragile and Conflict-Affected States

4883. Capital Flight: Measurement and Drivers

4884. Macroeconomic Impact of Capital Flight in Sub-Saharan Africa

4885. Reforming Democracies: Six Facts About Politics That Demand a New Agenda

4886. The BRICS Development Bank: A New Tool for South-South Cooperation?

4887. Disruptive Innovation: Risk-Shifting and Precarity in the Age of Uber

4888. Escape from the Commodity Trap: Will the Production Transformation Sustain Productivity, Growth and Jobs?

4889. Strengthening Implementation of the UN's Children and Armed Conflict Agenda

4890. Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children

4891. Africa's Media Boom: The Role of International Aid

4892. Ethnic Diversity, Gender, and National Leaders

4893. Security Council Resolution 1325: Civil Society Monitoring Report 2014

4894. The New Challenges to the EuroAmerican Relationship: Russia and the Middle East

4895. Local voices in internationalised justice: The experience of civil parties at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

4896. Trade Talks and National Security

4897. Metrics to Align Mission with Financial Performance: Tips from Practitioners

4898. ANDE Legal Working Group: Entrepreneur Introduction to Term Sheets

4899. The G20 needs a growth strategy

4900. Investment Treaties and Industrial Policy: Select Case Studies on State Liability for Efforts to Encourage, Shape and Regulate Economic Activities in Extractive Industries and Infrastructure