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4801. Leveraging the network: a stress-test framework based on DebtRank

4802. Pseudo-wealth Fluctuations and Aggregate Demand Effects

4803. Board Gender Diversity, Audit Fees and Auditor Choice

4804. Perverse and virtuous feedbacks between inequality and innovation: Which role for public institutions and public investment?

4805. A New Rational Expectations Hypothesis: What Can Economists Really Know About the Future?

4806. Input Diffusion and the Evolution of Production Network

4807. Discrimination, Social Identity, and Coordination: An Experiment

4808. News shocks in the data: Olympic Games and their macroeconomic effects – Reply

4809. Beyond the crisis in Ukraine. Russian and EU perceptions of European security and potential implications for Europe and Norway

4810. Between Evolution and Stagnation – Immunities in a Globalized World

4811. Opening the Forum to the Others: Is There an Obligation to Take Non-National- Interests Into Account Within National Political and Juridical Decision-Making-Processes?

4812. The Temporal Experience of Chinese Students Abroad and the Present Human Condition

4813. The Normative Terrain of the Global Refugee Regime

4814. License to Be Yourself: Forced Sterilization

4815. License to Be Yourself: Trans Children and Youth

4816. License to Be Yourself: Marriage and Forced Divorce

4817. Baku Dialogues

4818. Gender, Agency and Vulnerability: The Case of Western Muslim Women Joining the ISIS

4819. Volume 65 Issue 1

4820. Volume 65 Issue 2

4821. Global Report: Civil Society Organization (CSO) Survey for the Global Study on Women, Peace and Security CSO Perspectives on UNSCR 1325 Implementation 15 Years after Adoption

4822. Focus Group Discussion Report for the Civil Society Organization (CSO) Survey: Civil Society Input

4823. A Democracy Assembly to Face the New Authoritarian Challenges

4824. Civil HEU Watch Tracking: Inventories of Civil Highly Enriched Uranium: National and Global Stocks, as of End 2014

4825. How can developing cities provide better water to their residents?

4826. A more comprehensive picture of local public spending in global health and education

4827. What defines a “city”?

4828. Economics and the Near-Death Experience of Democratic Governance

4829. What Others Think of Us: Social Esteem and Participation in Contentious Politics

4830. Election Audits: International Principles that Protect Election Integrity

4831. Gender and Elections: Temporary Special Measures Beyond Quotas

4832. Enhancing Climate Change Resilience in Fragile States

4833. Human Rights Due Diligence through Stakeholder Engagement?

4834. Minority Women’s Hard Choices when Seeking Redress for Multiple Discrimination

4835. Monetary Policy, Trend Inflation and the Great Moderation: An Alternative Interpretation - Comment

4836. Risk Choices and Compensation Design

4837. Large Capital Inflows, Sectoral Allocation, and Economic Performance

4838. Risk, Financial Development and Firm Dynamics

4839. International Financial Spillovers to Emerging Market Economies: How Important Are Economic Fundamentals?

4840. Crisis? What Crisis? The World Bank and Housing Finance for the Poor

4841. Axes of World Power in the 21st Century: An Analytical Proposal

4842. How do governments respond to food price volatility?

4843. Four key areas to improve aid effectiveness

4844. The Offshore-Intensity Ratio: Identifying the Strongest Magnets for Foreign Capital

4845. Social Institutions and Gender Inequality in Fragile States: Are They Relevant for the Post-MDG Debate?

4846. The Bounty of the Sea and Long-Run Development

4847. An Experimental Game on Entrepreneurship and Labour Protection Policy

4848. Why Give Aid to Resource-Rich Autocrats?

4849. Using discrete choice experiments to regulate the provision of water services: Do status quo choices reflect preferences?

4850. Emissions Trading in the Presence of Price-Regulated Polluting Firms: How Costly Are Free Allowances?