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4701. Piecing Together the US Immigrant Detention Puzzle One Night at a Time: An Analysis of All Persons in DHS-ICE Custody on September 22, 2012

4702. The US Refugee Protection System on the 35th Anniversary of the Refugee Act of 1980

4703. Immigration Reform and Administrative Relief for 2014 and Beyond: A Report on Behalf of the Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation (CIRI), Human Resources Working Group

4704. If Japan and South Korea Go Nuclear: Two Military-Technical Scenarios

4705. Aligning Incentives, Accelerating Impact

4706. Power to the States: Making Fiscal Transfers Work for Better Health

4707. Better Hospitals, Better Health Systems, Better Health – A Proposal for a Global Hospital Collaborative for Emerging Economies

4708. Rethinking energy security: An inter-paradigmatic debate

4709. Dangerous Trade: Arms Exports, Human Rights, and International Reputation

4710. Enhancing Women Migrant Workers' Rights and Mainstreaming Gender in Global Migration Governance

4711. Cross-border Resolution of Financial Firms

4712. Consent within Consultation: Incorporating New Business Practices in the Extraction Industry

4713. Losing Control? Sovereignty in the Age of Globalization

4714. Gains from Harmonizing US and EU Auto Regulations under the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

4715. Fiscal Tightening and Economic Growth: Exploring Cross-Country Correlations

4716. Managing Change at the United Nations: Lessons from Recent Initiatives

4717. Deploying Combined Teams: Lessons Learned from Operational Partnerships in UN Peacekeeping

4718. Safety and Security Challenges in UN Peace Operations

4719. Why We Fail to Prevent Mass Atrocities

4720. Reimagining Peacemaking: Women’s Roles in Peace Processes

4721. The Complexities of Global Protests

4722. The post-2015 agenda and the evolution of the World Bank Group

4723. Driving sustainable development through better infrastructure: Key elements of a transformation program

4724. Today's challenges for girls' education

4725. Aid procurement and the development of local industry: A question for Africa

4726. Accessibility and effectiveness of donor disclosure policies when disclosure clouds transparency

4727. Foreign Policy for an Urban World: Global Governance and the Rise of Cities

4728. Risk Nexus: Overcome by cyber risks? Economic benefits and costs of alternate cyber futures

4729. The Case against a Carbon Tax

4730. On the Desirability of Nominal GDP Targeting

4731. The Supply of Transaction Assets, Nominal Income, and Monetary Policy Transmission

4732. International Developments in the Insurance Sector: The Road to Financial Instability?

4733. Where Will Work Come from in the Era of the Cloud and Big Data?

4734. Awaiting the Second Big Data Revolution

4735. Awaiting the Second Big Data Revolution

4736. Deploying Combined Teams: Lessons Learned from Operational Partnerships in UN Peacekeeping

4737. Answering Questions About the Commodity Slump: A Summary from the 2015 NRGI Conference

4738. In Pursuit of Transparent Trading

4739. Owning Up: Options for Disclosing the Identities of Beneficial Owners of Extractive Companies

4740. From Reporting to Reform: Eleven Opportunities for Increasing EITI Impacts

4741. NRGI Readers: A Primer Series About Resource Governance

4742. National Dialogues: A Tool for Conflict Transformation?

4743. The 2015 Survey of Progress in International Economic Governance

4744. Pitching a Level Playing Field: Women and Leadership in Sports

4745. World on the Move: The Changing Global Income Distribution and Its Implications for Consumption Patterns and Public Policies

4746. Inflation and Activity: Two Explorations and Their Monetary Policy Implications

4747. Can Foreign Exchange Intervention Stem Exchange Rate Pressures from Global Capital Flow Shocks?

4748. Are Capital Inflows Expansionary or Contractionary? Theory, Policy Implications, and Some Evidence

4749. Further Statistical Debate on "Too Much Finance"

4750. The OECD's "Action Plan" to Raise Taxes on Multinational Corporations