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4651. The Complexities of Global Protests

4652. The post-2015 agenda and the evolution of the World Bank Group

4653. Driving sustainable development through better infrastructure: Key elements of a transformation program

4654. Today's challenges for girls' education

4655. Aid procurement and the development of local industry: A question for Africa

4656. Accessibility and effectiveness of donor disclosure policies when disclosure clouds transparency

4657. Foreign Policy for an Urban World: Global Governance and the Rise of Cities

4658. Risk Nexus: Overcome by cyber risks? Economic benefits and costs of alternate cyber futures

4659. The Case against a Carbon Tax

4660. On the Desirability of Nominal GDP Targeting

4661. The Supply of Transaction Assets, Nominal Income, and Monetary Policy Transmission

4662. International Developments in the Insurance Sector: The Road to Financial Instability?

4663. Where Will Work Come from in the Era of the Cloud and Big Data?

4664. Awaiting the Second Big Data Revolution

4665. Awaiting the Second Big Data Revolution

4666. Deploying Combined Teams: Lessons Learned from Operational Partnerships in UN Peacekeeping

4667. Answering Questions About the Commodity Slump: A Summary from the 2015 NRGI Conference

4668. In Pursuit of Transparent Trading

4669. Owning Up: Options for Disclosing the Identities of Beneficial Owners of Extractive Companies

4670. From Reporting to Reform: Eleven Opportunities for Increasing EITI Impacts

4671. NRGI Readers: A Primer Series About Resource Governance

4672. National Dialogues: A Tool for Conflict Transformation?

4673. The 2015 Survey of Progress in International Economic Governance

4674. Pitching a Level Playing Field: Women and Leadership in Sports

4675. World on the Move: The Changing Global Income Distribution and Its Implications for Consumption Patterns and Public Policies

4676. Inflation and Activity: Two Explorations and Their Monetary Policy Implications

4677. Can Foreign Exchange Intervention Stem Exchange Rate Pressures from Global Capital Flow Shocks?

4678. Are Capital Inflows Expansionary or Contractionary? Theory, Policy Implications, and Some Evidence

4679. Further Statistical Debate on "Too Much Finance"

4680. The OECD's "Action Plan" to Raise Taxes on Multinational Corporations

4681. The Tradability of Services: Geographic Concentration and Trade Costs

4682. An Old Boys' Club No More: Pluralism in Participation and Performance at the Olympic Games

4683. Testing the Modigliani-Miller Theorem of Capital Structure Irrelevance for Banks

4684. Renewable Energy’s Coming of Age: A Disruptive Technology?

4685. The 2015 Survey of Progress in International Economic Governance

4686. Growth, Innovation and Trade in Environmental Goods

4687. Global Sustainability, Climate Change and Finance Policy: A South African Perspective

4688. Populist Movements: A Driving Force behind Recent Renationalization Trends

4689. Toward SDG 2: Food Security and Urbanization in the Global South

4690. Combatting Cyber Threats: CSIRTs and Fostering International Cooperation on Cybersecurity

4691. Climate Change and Human Rights: How? Where? When?

4692. When CO2 Goes to Geneva: Taxing Carbon across Borders — Without Violating WTO Obligations

4693. Global Patent Pledges: A Collaborative Mechanism for Climate Change Technology

4694. Beguiling Americans: a guide for Indian diplomats

4695. Of Monarchs and Military Men: The Political Pathologies that Undermine Democracy in Burma and Thailand

4696. The Intersection of HADR and the Rohingya Refugee Crisis

4697. Foreign Fighters

4698. Corruption Risk Assessment in the Security Sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina

4699. Civil Capacities for Peace Support Operations: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

4700. The Long Road to Tehran: The Iran Nuclear Deal in Perspective